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Posted by +Amanda Rosenberg:

We’ve made a series of enhancements to the Google+ experience. These changes are designed to make Google+ more intuitive, enhance content discoverability and create an even richer visual experience for our users. We think these changes will make Google+ easier to use and nicer to look at, but most importantly, they accelerate our efforts to create a simpler, more beautiful Google.

Scroll through the embedded album to learn how to get to and from your page quickly and easily.

Enjoy and, as always, let us know what you think!
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Nice presentation. Could you write that is the optimal image size for the profile timeline now? It just clicked on my page to the new version and would like to change it and tweak it up as fast as possible.
Great. That makes things a little easier. Thank you!
Btw, I hate to mention the "F" word on Google+, but oftentimes, when I show someone Google+, they say, "Oh, that looks like Facebook". These changes should help separate the layout similarities that people may see. Thanks again!!
just press f5 continuosly
This would be much more user friendly if it were slides - the album navigational controls leave a bit to be desired and the set cannot be downloaded as one entity.
Bin Hu
Can automatically the width of the flow of information?
+Sean Carlos But you know that you can use the arrow keys to navigate through the images? I think it's as simple to use as a presentation.
How can I get my posts back into the center of my screen? I sit slightly to right-of-center of my monitor and it's uncomfortable to have my neck craned slightly to center the posts in my field of vision.
how to get the new google plus layout...
trying for about from 3hours still no change...:(
+Kathy Hadley, isn't it a common problem with Google+, Facebooka, Twitter and so on that when start usign it, there is nobody. You and I need to get more contacts there. Searching by a topic and random name are tricks I've used occasionally.
No change on mine, yet a co-worker has it. Delayed rollout?
well I've got to say that... I liked G+ more before, now it starts to look like FB to me and actually I find it more user friendly before
now I feel it oversaturated :/
Seems I always get these new features weeks or sometiese even months after initial rollouts. Bleh...

EDIT: okay lol, this is creepy. 30 seconds after I posted this, all of a sudden I got the new interface.

It's certainly very... different. Not sure I like it. Reserving judgement until I've had a chance to properly try it out. I can already say, though, that the fact that pages look assymetric now is gonna annoy me to no end.
I see what you're saying +Jan Tißler but the arrows are at the extreme right & left of the screen, at least in the new G+ version. And I would want to download the "slides"....
I like the changes, but the editor in me must correct: "most important," not "most importantly"
am just liking it now more than ever b4!!!!
When will be the option of multiple administrators?
+Kathy Hadley It doesn't really matter if anyone is here (in my experience, that isn't true, but it does depend on your business sector / social circles ); the reality is the Google+ is having a profound impact on Google Search - already visible in the US (oh just let me count the ways: ) and will roll-out worldwide, I have no doubt. Marketers who ignore Google+ do so at their own peril, IMHO.
Quickly is kind of a joke, right?
Stuff takes forever to load.
And now I have to look at all my stuff perched to the left instead of in the middle.
All that to have your stupid suggestions as a second side bar.
Booh to that, sorry.
I like the overall idea.
But things are slow and I don't like this 4 lane Layout.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
It is really good. I looked at my page today and thought to myself "Oooh what is this?". I like it
Change is fine... except for when it is done to something that is already broken. I try to refrain from being negative online because that is solely what blogging/posts/message boards have become nowadays. With that said, Google+ is failing, despite all of their efforts. Some could say that the statistics prove otherwise, but the level of actual activity vs. # of users is dramatically different. Even though this social network experiment has a valid premise and is (in theory) a good idea, it will eventually become as insignificant as MySpace.... and it pains me to say that. Stick with the Glasses and Autonomous Cars Google, you'll have much better success.
Hope to see the enhancements in Google+ Business Pages. Currently it's working only on profile pages, but admin view on Business Page switches back to old one.
Great job. I think we could use the white space on the right to view comments
Awesome! However, the one thing that that I'd love to see in the future is an "events" invite function where events/gatherings can be organized efficiently.
I'm not very good at reading pictures and videos. Do you have patch notes, or a textual introduction to the changes?

Also at first glance it feels a little claustrophobic only using a small part of my already tiny browser window.
there is too much white space..i think the grey borders is making this more prominent..especially the one that separates this main window and start a hangout column..., the column with "you may know", "you might like' feels out of place..and these photos peek a boo thing looks awkward...i thought the webpage did not load properly until i scrolled over....the left nav bar looks good..but i wish all the icons could be seen..only when i scroll over it does it show in color......if you want to differentiate which one is selected..have a square around icon..and have grey or white backgrounds for the icons depending on if it is not selected or is selected...and finally i dont understand why the header bar with, all, family, friends scrolls up along with the page....i think it should be static..
TOO MUCH WASTED SPACE. But i love everything else.
I think I agree with this, "and finally i dont understand why the header bar with, all, family, friends scrolls up along with the page....i think it should be static.."
+Sam Lazer , css/dynamic width... Tell your chat buddies to shorten their display names! It's probably just one person with a really long name :)
I was joking... I'm sort of partial to the Myspace'ation of G+... Not quite sure if I'm digging this kind of advance of the platform, as I believe the more complicated and busy the U/I, the less likely it will be worth sorting through. Remember what happened to Myspam? it was overkill, and the result was the people jumped ship for the simpler (at the time) Faceplant.

Just my $0.02
It's okay to allow us to change the layout, but it wouldn't be a good idea to let us change much of anything else.

Remember Myspace?
I'm finding this new layout much more intuitive and enjoyable.
Already seems much easier to navigate - and I am looking forward to using the HangOut feature once I have some to to....hang out! You GO Google, but it does still seem like you are the dude on the beach kicking sand at Facebook....
this is INSANE...i am begging you stop doing this kind of nonsence....most of the screen is blocked.....Where is the fucking off switch for these new headache.....
I really like how it looks currently.
To bad it will be totally shat upon when the inevitable ads get dropped in.
Intuitive and nicer to look at? You mean, staring at more than 50% of my screen occupied by... nothing and reading with my head unnaturally turned to the left is supposed to be part of a richer visual experience and nice to look at?
Visual experience?? Yes completely agree - never seen something more exciting than this great white empty space on my 24" - Congratulations :P
Please put the games back to a center view......Left shifted games are a bit harder on the eyes and we are wired to view things like games in a center view......As for the rest, what will the rest of the screen look like in the near future?....With many monitors now being wide screen there is a lot of white space and I can't see any company not doing something with all that space.
Every time the changes make better and better,Congratulation for G+ team for this effort .
All great, but bring posts to the center of the screen please!!!
+Sabrina Salov That's what I say every day to my wife... but she wouldn't change back to 20 again... *sigh :p
But a small change is always good every now and then... :)))
Refreshing to see something new when I logged into G+ today. So far my only gripe is that my feed seems very out of balance, skewed so far to the left as it is. Otherwise, I like the new profile page and the new lay out for all of the buttons. #Thenewgoogleplus feels less clunky a little more slick and refined.
i would like to know if this new design of google+ is for lower resolution screen users??..

Or just Google want to add more features to the New blank Space on our profiles?
Please +Amanda Rosenberg we would like some feedback about this..

I do NOT like the new Google+ format. Sorry, but it isn't more innovative, it's just a copycat now.
Can other apps finally post to Google+ profiles? The crappy API support is why the adoption of G+ has been so tepid IMO.
+Maria Morrison would you give me the example of that copycat? I think this is unique in style and layout from any other social network .. but I also think in few weeks time FB will follow G+ as they always did (I will not say they copy everything from G+...) :)
How come it is not innovative? Everything went vertical... everything is customisable to suit your needs... and so on.
It is simple and beautiful... as all nice girls should be :p
Still limited support of popular devices, specifically iPad. Glad this set of changes did not mess with the internals, so +iShare+ still works.
This is so gawd awful I feel like I'm being screamed at. If I wanted a facebook like design, I'd still be at facebook. Please at least give us the option of using the old design if we want it.
+David Trey The extra white space is pretty odd, now that i view it in fullscreen.. It's not a perfect platform - I'm finding the comments a bit hard to track in the notifications section.
tạo ra không có gì là hoàn hảo, đôi khi một thay đổi nhỏ sẽ tốt hơn, do đó chủng tộc là không phủ nhận hiện tại
Once I found our business page hidden under "more" it was fine - and helpfully now showing higher up. What we are looking forward to is some way of connecting our followers to the topics they are interested in - is anything in the pipeline?
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