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We want to hear about your favorite Google+ success stories! What pages do you follow? Who do you look to for Google+ wisdom? Any especially incredible moments you’ve seen or been a part of? We want to hear who’s making magic on Google+!
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that would require a lot of writing :)
I "heart" Guy Kawasaki here on Google+ and appreciated his book and wisdom on the subject. If you're not following him yet, do so, you'll be entertained and "enchanted" as he's one of the Google+ treasures. I've also enjoyed some of the live chats here and see the potential of much more to come. Google+ has provided great outreach and connectivity to let others know about my talk show Explore Your Spirit and I've only begun to explore all that Google+ brings to the table. PS: Check out my interview with Guy Kawasaki, we had a lot of fun chatting about life, technology, enchantment and hockey. :-)
till know I just had interesting debates with interesting people!
It is really tough to note down the stories by Google+. As a part of third world country #Bangladesh is missing most of the amazing features of Google. But we need to be awake about what's happening outside. We are helpless. We can't verify our abilities. In Bangladesh most of the young are habituated with Facebook not Google+ that's why I am missing my nearest one to share my post in +Google+ Your Business
There are over 1.2 crore people of Bangladesh is using Facebook. But even most of them doesn't know about Google+ because of their lack of being updated.
In our neighbor country ( #India ) has Google office. Even Google is promoting their services there but I don't know why Google can't focus it's business on Bangladesh. I personally think that Google know how to take place inside hearts of IT people. I just want to send my one line message to Google+ authority.
"Start counting Bangladeshi People. Because we are being much more developed. We always miss Google. We the people of Bangladesh want to see you in our country. Because WE LOVE YOU"
same here... but with different people!
Google+ made interacting with the bloggers more feasible. I follow mainly Android, iOS, Mac, general tech & photography pages. Usually on FB you never get any kind of response from the originator of the post. On Google+ it's different. There is actual interaction. I have "Artists" Circle, and they've all been friendly & very helpful whenever I need an advise or to learn new techniques in photoshop or lighting etc. am spending more time between G+ & Google reader. The sharing integration between those 2 is amazing.
+Google+ Your Business and their Help Desk Hangouts are simply the best. Not only for the information shared on all things Google, but for the use of the Hangout Platform.
I like Google+ for the good interactions. The circles concept is easy to grasp and transparent and it's easy to find information you're looking for. The hangouts have been a mixed experience so far.
We have formed an online meditation group using Hangouts as the medium for connecting. It works amazingly well where we sit together, watch a talk, listen to guided meditation and share about our lives. I live is Sydney and it was quite something to join the group while in the US and the London a few weeks back. Our activity has since extended to 30min daily meditation and an online training course for more experienced practitioners. The group is called Plumline. Thank you for making all this possible :)
+Matthew Lawrence: the tech part has been mixed. Some hangouts went really well. Others were a nightmare and we ended up chatting instead. From my experiences hangouts seemed to work best with Google Chrome and not so well with Firefox. People were thrown out of the hangout quite often using Firefox. Also the audio quality was often rather poor. Muting participants isn't such a great option as I was planning an interactive discussion... So far I used it with a test group and some students. But I wouldn't dare use it with customers yet. Otherwise the functionality itself is great.
(BTW, "Google + Business" is my main interest on G+.)
. Success story:
. Ressource / people: +Amanda Rosenberg, +Toby Stein, +Vanessa Schneider, +Yan Tseytlin, +Kristoffer Sorensen via G+ Your Business Page
. Favorite Pages: +Google+ Your Business, +YouTube for Marketers, +Think with Google, +YouTube Creators +Google Engage for Agencies , +Google Enterprise, +Google Ads and +Google Analytics.
. Incredible experience: every time I use HO with clients abroad
Thanks for asking +Google+ Your Business.
How to switch between personal and business pages on iPhone. Only use mobile so desktop is out. Any ideas anyone?
I agree with +Ewan Walsh, having mobile access to my page (android for me) would be infinitely helpful. Also +Audience Matters, Inc. Made a good point; as a page you cannot +1 public posts, which i feel limits the possibility of additional followers. I can search for my own business and posts appear where people are checking in via g+ and even though it's a public post, I can't +1 it to let them know we have a page!

Also, turning my phone landscapes stops auto-correct. Portrait works though haha.
I love the Photography community! Where people share their best shots with the world. 
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