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Posted by +Kristoffer Sorensen on behalf of the Pages team:

Our Q&A is over, but read through the comments to see what was discussed

Multi-admin capability? Coming soon, before 2012!
Analytics? Coming soon!
Ability to schedule posts or auto-post? This is something we're talking about but there is currently no way to do this.
Hangouts on Air? These are only available to a limited group of testers identified by our team, but we're determining whether this feature will become more widely available.
Page management on mobile device? Enabling this functionality is a priority for our team and something we're working on!
Events integration? This is something our team is actively thinking about - we'd love to hear your thoughts on how you'd like this to work.

We are always thinking about things we can do to help you get more out of your Google+ Pages. So we'd love to hear from you what questions you might have and what advice and best practices we can share with you.

Let us know in the comments and we can get a bit of a real-time Q&A session going. I'll be answering questions in the comments thread along with +David Weisman and +Toby Stein.

We're looking forward to seeing your questions and comments!
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The Question: How do I ensure that photos or videos used on a G+ business page are used without breaking copy write laws (even if there is no credit specified)?

The Situation: I am currently developing a G+ business page and would like to use audio and video examples to a prospective audience. My vision is not only to promote my services but to educate them as well. As we all know, there is some fantastic literature, photos, and videos available. Literature is not an issue as I have more than enough training and process specialist experience to put together training and educational material. My problem extends to the photo and video realm of copy writing. I would appreciate any help afforded or shared, or if you know someone in your circles, forwarded. Thank you all and have a nice day!
+Jason O'Donnell is right. You should at least support view-only/listen-only interaction for user #11 - user #n
Agree, hangout that allows 10 conversations and 50+ viewers.
+Jason O'Donnell I think pages can hangout with 20 people at a time.

Ability to schedule posts would be great!

Ability to switch to page and back to person on mobile web or app is also needed!

Be able to sell products right within G+ pages, also more protection for media files
It would be great to have some sort of integration for our organization's YouTube channel...
My organization hosts events all the time. I want to be able to create an event and invite specific circles. This is one huge thing I think G+ is lacking, the ability to create and invite followers to events. Is this something that is being worked on? When can we expect this?
Moste important right now:
1. Multi admin for pages
2. Notifications for pages
(Edit: Extra features is not necessary before the basics are fixed)
Google + Pages should allow multiple administrators, is this going to happened in the future ?
+Erik Gustafsson nailed it on the head, I would like to add Admin control on Google+ mobile app. It would be great to share more photos with my page connections.
+Erik Gustafsson, pages do have notifications, just not as email or the bar. After you sign into the page, it's in the left bar under the page circles.
While I agree that the above enhancements / additions would be great to have I personally would like analytic and have them accessible from the page in a meaningful format.

As a growing business I'm all the time looking for investors and people who can bring value added richness. Hardcore data goes a long way in convincing people.
I'd like to be able to autopost from my WP blog when I publish a post. I realize there may be some concern with circle segmentation, but if I'm posting to my publicly available blog and want a link to show up on my Google+ stream, the "public" circle should be okay.
Also, it would be nice to schedule posts on Google+. I like to "cluster" certain tasks. For instance, I like to scan through Google Reader and find a few interesting things to post about or comment on. I don't want them to show up all at once, I'd prefer to spread them out over the course of the day. A scheduling option would be pretty handy for that...
+Pranabananda Jena, we're targeting multi-admin and ownership transfer capabilities for the end of the year. We're really excited and working as quickly as possible on them!

+Anna Bavido, like personal profiles, pages can only Hangout with 10 at a time. We've heard lots of requests for auto-posting to pages (+Andrea Digloria) and mobile management capability. Stay tuned for updates on those!

+Brooks Bennett, we're eyeing increased YouTube integration, but no definite plans I can offer you at the moment.
+Bryan Davis, thanks for your input about events. We agree that events integration is an exciting avenue for future functionality!

+Besar Ismaili, +Erik Gustafsson: multi-admin (along with improved notifications) is coming soon and we certainly appreciate your patience.
I would also like to be able to schedule some posts, specifically for over the weekend when I don't have a lot of time to manage the page.

Analytics would be helpful, will that be available at some point?

Will we be able to move photos from one album to another at some point?
+Bryan Davis Nah, that's just a stream of your incoming messages.
I want (as I guess everyone wants) a notification that shows exactly like it does for personal pages. And also, why should I have to switch user just to get notification? I have 4 pages today, think if I create more, do I have to check each page as that page to get notification on it?
I'd like my Google+ business page to be linked seamlessly with my Places page, people who check in on my Place page should be able to find my Business page. Good work so far.
It would be great if you could set up a schedule or something so that people know aprox when you roll out new pages improvs :)
I'm still struggling with how to use my page more without overstepping other plussers' personal space. I do want to mention what's happening with our business, but without the spam factor.
support for google+ pages in the google+ android app
Oh, one thing as a page owner would be the ability automatically add people to circles if they add you.
I'm editing the original post (at the top) to reflect FAQs from this thread - check them out before you post your own question.

+Manuel Altherr, our team is working on it :)
+Bonnie Pickartz I think that the fact you're worried about it is a really good thing. Circles should work in your favor here as you can target your posts based on people's interest. Let me know if you'd like some creative suggestions as to how to create good circles. Other than that, as long as you're creating and posting good and engaging content, I don't think that people would necessarily see it as spam.
One other thing I miss is the two-way communication (as on Facebook pages you can choose if to allow posts and if they are visible in the main stream of the page).

So: People in my page circle able to add public posts on my company.
Would love "on air" capabilities. I want to bring our customers to our cafe/bike shop even when they cant make it in. It can build a daily community online.
+Google+ Your Business So no commerce plans on G+ pages at all?
One thing that is for Google+ in general, is that you cannot change visibilty type when editing a post. Public is definitive if you make an error?
I would love to see tiered comments, would make it easy for conversations to develop. For brand pages it would be handy if people could add themselves to brand's circle. Intel's + page looks like it allows this but it doesn't.
Thanks, +Kristoffer Sorensen . I'm just manic about spam. I may get with you about some circle deployment. Right now I'm stumbling through it and trying l) not to let it become a black hole I fall into and 2) being diligent about sharing only "good" stuff. Keep up the good work!
I like +Jon Murray 's idea!
Like if the petstore has circles for dogs, cats and rhinos. I wan't to know stuff regarding Rhinos, so I add myself to that cirle. The Cat and the Dog Circle does not get the info on Rhinos.

Public circle choices!
Loving all the great feature suggestions here - keep them coming and we'll make sure to share them with the wider team.. :) And of course, if you have any questions regarding best practices or how to manage your page - let us know!
+Erik Gustafsson Right, and ideally it could allow brands to maintain one page but also be able to communicate with different groups of users in different languages.
I'd really like the ability to broadcast hangouts live via YT, but I am a small fish in terms of numbers of followers.

Where I do well though, and where most niche businesses kill it is in the area of fresh blood. I have about 1000 fans on FB with probably only about 10 active on G+, and those ten are current clients taking advantage of our distance learning hangouts.

Many niche businesses are like ours, and they will bring in new users. The heavy hitters here like +Guy Kawasaki and +Mashable - have ready made audiences here because their content draws early adopters and small business people - they're not going to bring in a ton of new blood into the G+ ecosystem.

The massive growth, the FB type growth, will come from niche markets coming here to get hooked up with the movers and shakers within their area of interest.

I feel as if Google is not supporting the small guys (everything rolls out to the heavy hitters first, i.e...) because they are catering to those who have already have clout and move people, but that's kind of a moot point, you already have those people - it's like moving product from one shelf to another instead of importing or trading product.

I hope this makes sense and I hope you work to include small businesses in niche markets in the development plan.
One of you were in the mobile team right?
Promise us that you never do like Facebook did in their app. Add gallery images that loads before notifications...
It would be awesome to be able to switch off images in the app as you're not always on fast connection, then click on images you want to load instead!
+Google+ Your Business, will there be new features for pages that allow integration of our own iframe-esque pages right on the profile pages (like how Facebook has done)? For instance, making a "welcome" page (of sorts) so that those that find us on Google+ can get an impression of what our page and brand stands for? I think this would be very useful.
We need a google calendar interaction for inviting to events.
Would be great to have a sidebar with short links to important posts, and be able to choose posts that should be in that list..
Awesome - and also google calendar interaction
- Final words on vanity URLs, as I've heard people saying that they may not be included.

- As we saw when the Google Search team added new features into Webmaster Tools.. will we see page page management within there as well?

- Will page owners ever have more customization options over the design and appearance of their page?

- Integration with Google+ Pages, and Google Local... will we see any further integration?
I noticed that when logged in as my page I cannot comment on other people's posts. It says there was an error and try again. But I have never been able to do it. Is this a "feature" or a bug? I'd like to comment as my page.
Importing external posts (Twitter, RSS, etc.) the way GBuzz does would make scheduling posts trivial. Schedule them in Wordpress/Blogger/Tumblr/whatever, and when they show up in the RSS feed, they automatically end up on the G+ page. That's the one thing from GBuzz that I really want in G+.
+Google+ Your Business - highlight niche businesses. Consult them. Include them on the 'big ideas' you are whipping up. Ask us what we need.

It just seems to me that the focus is on the needs of the big entities - +Ford Motor Company , for instance, who have large numbers of followers but probably lack the depth of support that niche businesses have from their clientele.

It's a lot of work and it's going to be like herding cats consulting little people, but my 1000 followers and the followers of 1000 other dog trainers add up.

If I could get some of my distance learning hangouts live on YT, I could get a good portion of my clientele over here participating, as could a bunch of other niche markets. I just don't think I'd be considered because of the small scale of our followers.

I was quite sympathetic to Robert Scoble's needs, but they're not nearly as pressing for mass adoption as drag and drop photo ordering in photo albums - it's a good thing I'm tenacious and hard headed... I've spent 4+ hours messing around with photo albums.

What's easier? Reworking permissions and altering Google ACL for multiple admins for 100 pages or adding drag and drop photo ordering for all of them?

I'll see if I can put together some well thought out ideas and hook up with you.

Thanks for the fast response.
+Marni Melrose Thanks for your question :) If people haven't added your page to their circles yet, you won't be able to comment on their posts. This is to prevent companies from 'add-spamming' in order to gain followers. Once people have added your page, you can add them to the page's circles and comment on their posts. So if I'm understanding your question correctly, it's a feature. :)
Hi +Jeremy Boutin There's a lot of thought being given to all those features that you mention and I think you're really going to like the integration pieces. But nothing to announce at this point :)
+Kristoffer Sorensen Yeah something like that! Just so that I can choose which posts that are for example in the right column.
Like if I have written about something that I do not want to repost and spam my followers, people can easily find the link to the post about the new product :)
I'd like to be able to choose to hotlink from my profile images instead of opening them up in a light box.

So adding linkable images to the profile page/scrapbook would be huge for most any business.
+Erik Gustafsson Ah I understand now - great suggestion. I've added the suggestion to the list of things to take back to the team! Thanks a million!!
I agree with what +Jeremy Boutin said

1.) Can we please get some vanity url's it would be a win win for +Google+ Your Business and our pages. We would get a nice url that we can pass on to customers and Google in turn can do what so many companies have done with Facebook - Visit our page at not

2.) Event page. This is what made our theatre company's page so useful on Facebook, I personally would rather never use Facebook again and stick 100% to +Google+ . But we need event abilities.

3.) Can not wait to have multi-admin access.

Keep up the great work!
As a page when I post to a circle I'd like the ability to choose if i'm ok that ppl can share my post to public (right now they can only share it to circles)
Something simple, yet needed - any way to manage the photos - Picasa or enhancement of current G+ album interface - when is anything like this planned? As my page is mostly about photos, it's a pain that to reorder them in the album I have to delete and upload them again in the needed sequence. When will we have access to the page's albums in Picasa? Or maybe it is already, but deeply hidden?
Calendar interaction would be great for events and for the public schedule tool (can't remember the official name... The tool where you designate public open time slots in your Google calendar and people can schedule themselves in the open spaces) would be nice for small businesses and individuals
Events should be integrated with calendar. That is the main flaw on Facebook events, that you have to add it by yourself.

I'd like to see an option for a automatic reminder, if you want people to set attending/ not attending before a specific date. The day before the answer-deadline the event should automatically send a reminder.

And some kind of reminder for attendees the day before the event "Don't forget that you are attending Milkshake-day at McDonalds tomorrow"...

Map positions that you also can save in your mobile.
Integration of existing YouTube and Picasa profiles.
+Andrew McAtee Thanks. I'm putting off uploading anything more until I'm sure I can arrange everything properly, because now my craft albums are a mess.
Additional question on this topic: will it be possible to transfer photos currently uploaded to private profile - with comments and +1's - to Page profile?
Please! A simple, friendly way of adding photos, especially to the Profile Photos album. Why not give us drag-and-drop on to the Profile Icon under Photos? That would be very simple and very intuitive. Failing that, when we go into the Profile album under Photos make the Add a Photo button access only that album. At present, to get the rotating Page photo feature for a business (to show the main photo and the team behind the company) is just a nice idea that cannot be achieved by any discoverable means. If there is a way it is certainly not simple.

And please add a cross-hair in the centre of the adjustable frame when we are adding photos, so that we can line up the centre easily and not have to use trial and error.
I think that Pages are still not very prominent. Every new user I know doens't know that there are pages - altought they are willing to follow/circle pages. How about adding a extra hub/tab for pages with a layout that would be similar to the one flipboard is presenting on the iPad. Maybe one could divide this into two sections:
-what's hot and
-my own pages
The result would be that my stream is more personal and less niosy (-> I will read all the posts there and comment) and the pages are more prominent for new users + better to access. The new design would make the reading experience even better and therfore I would read all the content there too.
The only Problem I see is that pages could be ignored (like games are) - so you should try to find a solution for that (this is all about design). To complete this feature it would really be great if one could add himself to circles the pages are offering.
I am really glad to see that +Google+ Your Business is reacting to the feedback :-)
Event management by calendar would be great. Sharing events with the page's circles can make them public, restricted or private - by choice.
I would like to be able to do polling on my G+ Page, any hope of that?
I'm looking forward having the other features mentioned in the article. :-)
+Ewa Marczynska-Goldstein, we certainly understand your frustration with the limitations of photos for pages and are actively discussing ways to improve the experience. You're right that, currently, pages cannot access their photos in Picasa. Nor can they transfer photos across profiles while maintaining comments and +1s.

+Justino Mora, we agree and are working to make circles management more robust. Stay tuned on that front.

+Max von Beust, great idea - I'll pass it along.
sorry, why would Google copy anything from an apple product haha
Thank you for giving us an update on these things.
"real" notifications would be great.

Another point regarding Pages and the API:
It would be nice to be able to find out if a user is the admin of a page (after the user gave access to this information)
+Google+ Your Business Allow other users to write posts on the wall corporate page. As a Facebook page. For example, fans of Meteorology to establish Google Plus page. Several of them would like to make administrators (which as you say goes), but everyone else would like to contribute as well (posts, photos, videos, etc.). Its more like a comunity. This works on Facebook, but on Google Plus has not, and it's a shame :(
+Jirka Vlasák Thanks for your comment and suggestion. It's something we actively thinking about but I'll make sure to share your feedback with our team.
Already plused it but want to comment. Notifications for pages is must have feature. We have local communit group page. And the owner (and other responsive persons) of the page must see notifications of page mentions in people posts (probably with the option to limit notifications to followed persons only). This will allow to pay attention to the posts that possibly need to be shared by this page for entire group.
Hi +Claus Pedersen! Very Danish name btw :) - as you say it's not strictly a pages question but it's definitely a feature that we're aware of and talking about on the team.
great news! I am also glad you start to give some feedback on comments. Looking forward to new features, which I hope will be for everyone (not just advantage for big companies).
I'd love to see page admin control from the mobile app, as well as uploading photos to pages via mobile.
Also an easier way to switch between pages when you admin several. It's cumbersome to always click the home button then the drop down. Would like to see tabs across the top to switch with one click, or something to that effect.

And notifications from pages emailed to the admin!

Thank you!
+Tyann Marcink Thank you for the feedback, some of this we are already working on! We'll pass this along to our product team.
I'm so glad they are addressing the issues :) This is awesome. Can't wait to try it out!
Also the ability to see the comment that was +1'd or comment on - not just a link to a giant stream of 1,000's of comments.
Hi everyone - thank you so much for all of your questions, comments and feedback. We really appreciate all of your engagement!!

We look forward to engaging more with you in the coming weeks as we continue to work on the Google+ Project. We're only just getting started and we're so excited about this community.

Thanks from all of us on the Pages team.
On the point about notifications in Pages:
It would be nice if the red notifications-counter appeared next to Notifications in the left-hand bar as well as in the menu bar, not just in Pages but also in our personal G+ sites. That would stand out and make Notifications even more intuitive.
Event integration seems like it should be fairly simple but maybe I'm missing something. As a user, my G+ profile is already associated with a Google Calendar. So it would seem fairly simple to create a version of GCal within G+ that puts an event on your existing calendar on the backend, invites anyone in your circles that you chose and then shows up in some summarized form within an Events section of G+.

End users that are G+ users would then have the event on their GCal's as well. Non G+ users could still accept or deny and would be reflected on the creators calendar. Perhaps within the G+ version of the calendar you remove things like event color, free/busy time, leave privacy to default and don't include the ability to schedule based on others availability just to keep it simple. But users could go into their full Calendar if they really wanted those features.

As a Pages user though, I could see where people may not want the Pages events added to their personal calendar. Although, personally I would be fine with this since I assume if you are creating an event for a group, you have something to do with it. Perhaps it could put the event on all Page admin's calendars so it's not tied to just one person. Or as a Page admin when you create your first event it creates a new calendar for you titled the same as the Page so that it doesn't clutter up your personal calendar.

All in all though this seems like a fairly simple thing to implement (I say with little development experience) since it could initially just be a slimmed down version of GCal that ties back to your personal account. If people didn't want it tied to a personal account they could create a generic account to admin the Page or use Google Apps.
i agree with the comments about expanding the API. its hard to recommend developing a g+ strategy when we can't manage this in our existing tools....

btw are you rolling out influence rankings? if so, is it based on # with you in circles, interactions, ripples...?
For me the moust impotant things is Analitycs, multi-administrator and Tabs or iframes
Please give us the option to add new/more Tab's on pages for individual content eg. Iframes etc.
Events is a must have! Would be great to merge it with Google calendar. I can't believe it hasn't been done yet...
I wholeheartedly agree.
Events integration with google calendar, please!!
The restriction that pages must exist under personal accounts doesn't make sense, as many others have pointed out.
Thanks, +Google+ Your Business! I really look forward to the multi-admin feature.

I have one suggestion: just like with the individual G+ accounts for Google Apps users, is there a way for a G+ page to be incorporated into a Google Apps domain such that an option for sharing posts only to users of that specific domain will be available? For example, a University's G+ page can post 'internal' announcements or communications visible only to users using their Google Apps account. This will really facilitate a lot of things for us.
+David Weisman The type of polling I would like to see would be able to ask a question like "what kind of smart phone do you use?" and I would list 10 different types and people could vote on which one they use, or something like that. The poll would run for a select amount of time like 24 hours and a graph of the total votes cast would be displayed for all to see.
cool...I can't wait for page management on mobile device ^_^
Ability to schedule posts or auto-post is very important due to time zones.
I could share with friends in USA only in the morning or late night few hours as I am in India.
I auto-post on Facebook and Twitter to overcome this problem to a certain extent.
A better integration with blogger would be appreciated, something like auto publishing feeds of blog articles...
Everyone who adds posts to this thread, read at the top... They have already answered the most of your questions!
Reading g+ mostly mobile, it could be more comfortable having the latest comment at the top - avoiding scrolling down half the time?
Multi-admin capability is a must seriously, glad to see it's coming before 2012!!! And Events is something we need all across G+
Kurt H
I always thought google had a calendar app already? why couldnt they tweak that into an event manager?
I would like to ask about persons/pages added display on our pages.

I only let persons/pages who added us to by displayed for you think it is good way or do you recommend public view off all?
or just related pages which I prefer? (we have more pages)
Its funny, your previous post is about giving your posts a human feel, and you follow it up with scheduled posting ... which is fairly obvious to users and completely breaks the human feel.

You guys also might want to do some social networking research yourselves, it appears you no clue that posting new things in a few hours is rather obnoxious to users.

No one wants to go view their main stream and see it completely covered by one set of posts ... when those set of posts are hours a part at the most.

You're posting ridiculously often, not interacting with your users comments unless its to answer a question thats already answered elsewhere that a simple search will find. Another bit that breaks any human feel you might of had. We can all use your search engine, its answers to the questions that aren't searchable that make you actually useful to us. Thats the point remember? To be useful to your customers.

This page is more or less a high traffic 'how awesome we are to have made Google Pages!' blog. Apparently you guys didn't read +Steve Yegge rant about the very fact that you guys just don't get it, of course you didn't, or he wouldn't have needed to rant about it himself.

Perhaps there is another Google+ Pages page I can follow that is more condensed and not so spammer, possibly with posters who don't just like to see their name in a post as it would appear to be the case here.
This is my second rant about your spamming, different solution this time. Last time I figured you'd get over it in a few weeks, so I came back. Have to just ignore you from here on out this time I guess. Apparently you didn't get over it. Please do some research, you really can just search for it, or read the previous comment with links to articles where others have researched posting rates. If you want to beat Facebook you have to be better, not more obnoxious. Remember, less obnoxious is one of the reasons people were excited about G+ to begin with!
The major trump card Facebook has over G+ is events! This should be the top priority I believe. Creating an event and Inviting your friends to all chat about it is the best feature of Facebook imo. Also G+ can integrate this into your Google calender, an my life is all in sync.Also the simple things like who im dating should be added on G+.

Sort out these basic things and G+ is the best. Most casual users only use Facebook to look at Photos, and G+ is so much better for this with its picasa web albums integration.
Hi, Google+ -- is there a way to toggle between my personal+ and my page+ when in Google Reader so that I can easily +1 content to my small business page? This would be wonderful :) Thanks for any help.
Google already has an event service like FB's. Google Calendar is fantastic, and you can share events through e-mail invites. All that needs to happen is for Google Calendar events to be integrated with G+
The ability to make polls is a must-have feature for pages and profiles, don't you think?.
When will you allow Chinese companies to create a Google+ page? Currently China is not in the list of countries...
Many people have asked for the ability to use photos from personal accounts or existing Picasa albums. As with many people, I quickly uploaded a lot of photos to my G+ account in readiness for the pages to launch but now I need to upload them all again. Not only that but I can't even upload via Picasa and access the photos from my pages, something which I have automated through Adobe Lightroom.

So, my question is: Will pages ever be able to use photos from existing, linked, personal accounts or Picasa albums? If so, when?
I want to add my customers in different circles on my business page, however, I want to mute their posts on my page as I don't want their personal posts to appear on my page. I don't wish to mute their comments on my page, though. Couldn't find any solution. Please help.
Mar Cel
Is there a way that company pages can see how many responses they get for a posts in the notifications. Right now I have to manually go through my posts for responses. This increases the lag time for my response to them.
Mar Cel
Also... what about an option where if there is a duplicate post in your stream, you can have it omitted. Sometimes I see the same post 10 times and it kills the mood.
You desperately need to add the ability for mobile users to post photos, video, etc. to public pages that they are managing.
ability to schedule posts please. I work all day and don't have easy access to post at times that most of my followers are online!
Add a comment...