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Who manages the social media at your company?
Posted by +Natalia Cano:

According to this article, it should be a cross-functional team. The marketing department should not be the only one involved.  And everyone else within the organization could benefit from doing so, helping to achieve different company goals.  Seems to make sense, but is this often the reality? (
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nope - most of my clients are small (if not tiny) local businesses, where the owner does everything...
Not sure yet... We will have to think about that. 
I do not know if I agree with this article. A business social media strategy should be decided by the goals of the organization, and the policy for employees should be in support of that strategy. I dont know if any business strategy should be open to departmental debate. That looks like disaster waiting to happen. 
+J.C. Kendall, the truth is, employees are already on social media. Might as well use their efforts.

By creating just a few smart, commonsense guidelines (based on goals) an entire company/brand can own their image - more importantly be proactive about it. Each department can have their own goals and reasons fro using Social Media. They can create their own guides that meld with the complete corporate image, but help them achieve their goals.

Keeping it bottled up in one department, waiting for approval, just throws wrenches in the social media machine. The conversation keeps going whether a company/brand is willing to take part. Breaking down the barriers to use and content creation can only have positive effects.
Never said to bottle it within a single department. The article pertains to seeking counsel from departments, rather than informing them of how things are to be from the top. 
+J.C. Kendall True, I looked over that and just started to add my own opinion. Whether or not your company uses the strategy of getting input from all departments and their heads, it is still best practice to provide simple guidelines. Those guidelines, as +CDG Interactive, Inc. recommends, should be "aligned with business goals."

Thanks for the great insights and comments.
However the community manager doesn't know the work of the salesmen better than themselves. It can't be only a top down decision. There must be consultation to see how social media can improve the company on different accounts.
Most of my clients are small businesses as well that mainly do all the social media themselves.
+J.C. Kendall I do agree that social media should be used as a tool to direct the overall strategy of the company, which department decides to adopt social media to further their goals at any particular moment is irrelevant, as long as the overall strategy is adhered to. Certainly a team of specialists should be there to execute and assist in what needs to be done, but a centralization of overall strategy, and a disseminated responsibilities model makes the most sense to me. 
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