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We are proud to announce our 2016 Google Small Business Advisors. This select group of small business experts represent a wide cross-section of professional knowledge but they all share one goal - to help your small business succeed online and beyond.
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And thank your professors to education.
Small business is nice, thatis I want to start.
Does this make me a somebody now? (Thinking of Steve Martin in The Jerk when the new phone book arrived!)
* Congratulations * Martin ..Beautiful to live with these sparks in this fabulous group sensational, full of positive sharing, ultra, technological visions, big wishes for more great achievements harmonious with great success.
Thank you one and all! Very proud of +Mary Stovall - she has worked so hard and I know really appreciates the recognition.
Thank you for sharing all this great, wonderful endless; extremely fabulous.
thankyou iwan't to start
+martin shervington question I've an problem disable reshares and comments on my wallpaper and my profile photo how can i disable on my mobile?
For individual posts go to the posts and tap on the 3dots menu in the upper right corner
For your entire profile
Go to the settings page on a computer and limit comments to your circles only
* Congratulations * +martin shervington, you are a spark full of dazzle that completes this fabulous team of lights, really wonderful.
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