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Next Hangout On Air: Blogger for Business

Join us at 11 a.m. PST Wednesday when we'll talk about how your business can use Blogger to build a loyal customer base, share expertise, publicize your activities and products, and be a transparent organization. Learn from Community Manager +Lisa Ding, discover how real businesses use Blogger, and hear straight from other Google experts about this incredible platform.

Have a question for us? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll try to get to them during the Hangout.

Missed our past Hangouts? Make some popcorn, pull up and chair, and watch our previous tutorials on the Google Business YouTube channel:
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Would be even better to just "add to calendar" directly from the post!
Agreed David. That's the first thing I looked for.
We use Blogger which is a great and easy platform to setup. Are we able to easily add google consumer surveys to our blogger site?
+SurveyGiving By using a Google Docs Form you can set up your survey questions with the answers then being automagically entered into the underlying spreadsheet. You can then do different presentations with the resulting information.
+SurveyGiving You can embed a Google Group in a Blogger page. I've done this with a couple of Google Groups, and it works really well. It looks very similar to a forum, but it doesn't have subsections.
Is Google creating any tools for tracking Google+ activity such as discussions about our posts on Blogger?
Will there eventually be better integration between Google+ and Blogger? Right now you can share your blog posts to your stream, but it seems like there could be even closer integration than that. After all, with the ability to write long posts, Google+ posts could be considered blog posts. I'd like to have one interface for writing blog posts, not two.
I have been unable to send a message to my followers. I am supposedly using Google+ but hen i click the send message button on their profile, a Google Friends box comes up.???Help?
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