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Meet Kansas City’s +CoffeeCakeKC LLC, one part decadent food truck (serving cupcakes, muffins, biscotti, and coffee cake) and one part delicious coffee. Watch how founder Brian Jurgens and his wife Melanie use Google+ to bring their followers along for the ride.

Looking to get more followers on Google+? We’ve got some tips for you over on the Google Small Business Blog:
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I just discovered this truck last Friday solely because of Google+. I plan on trying them out this week. I'm glad to see them featured like this!
Great post. Need one of these in Dearborn. 
It's interesting to note how Google picks examples from life to show how influential Google Plus really is.
Very cool example of using Google+ to creatively promote your business while building your brand and community.
I've never heard of these people and live and work in KC! Now I have to find them just to say I did!
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