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Yesterday we introduced you to Google+ Local, a new way to discover great local information across Google ( We know that many of you out there have already created a Google+ page for your business — hosting Hangouts, sharing photos and interacting with your customers here on Google+. Soon we’ll be extending these social features to owners of local Google+ pages in the weeks and months ahead.

Just to give you a little taste of what’s coming, we've worked with a few business owners to fully upgrade their listings early. Add them to your circles to stay up to date on what they’re getting up to and see what’s in store for your local Google+ pages.
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that is great unless you are in part of the world that Google does not offer a business listing. Costa Rica is not in the circle of trust at this point. Why?
I hope the Ratings/Reviews Overview snippet moves to the front page eventually. As a user that's the first thing I want to see when grub hunting.
Andrew, our Google+ Page and Google+ Local "merge" was quite seamless.  The new local tab highlights the destination info, while our profile tab allows us to interact and share with our community.
The main downside that I am seeing is that it FORCES people to sign up for G+ to review your business on  If they are not a part of G+ they now have to when they wish to review your business.  This is going to lower the amount of reviews a business gets.
I do agree with Chris. You can become popular with cool application but forcing every 1 to use Google + is Talibanism.
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