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Want to more easily share a business page with others? Claim a custom URL, rolling out this week. Read about eligibility and how to claim below.

Expanding the availability of custom URLs

Custom URLs are short, easy to remember web addresses that link directly to your Google+ profile or page (like or They make it easier for you to connect with others, as well as promote your content, and today we're significantly expanding their availability to people and pages on Google+.

If your profile meets the following criteria, you’ll now be able to claim a custom URL:
- Has a profile photo, and
- Has at least 10 followers, and
- Has an account that's at least 30 days old

Meanwhile, any brand or business that has a linked website or is a verified local business can claim a custom URL for their Google+ page. Link and verification info is available in the Google+ Help Center:

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, just visit your profile or page to begin the claiming process. If you don't see the option yet, don't worry: we're expanding availability throughout the week, and you'll see the in-product notice as soon as your custom URL is ready.

We hope that custom URLs will help  you more easily promote your content on Google+, whether it be new photo collections, Hangouts On Air, or an interesting series of posts.  For ideas on how to include custom URLs in your campaigns, ad creatives and more, visit our help center: 

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+Vy Nguyen This could be your chance to grab the first vy nguyen custom url!
"If you don't see the option yet, don't worry:" > where is this option (visually) when I visit my page?  I don't know if I'm missing it or if it's not there yet.
Never mind, just read the help article :) "you'll see a notification at the top of your Google+ page or Profile."
I got the option for my brandpage +Warsaw Salsa Festival *BUT*it is preselected by Google and I do not see any way to change it! They sugest: /+SalsafestivalPL (based on our website url). I use everywhere /WarsawSalsaFestival and want to use it also here!
How to cope with that problem?
+Marek Domański , to my knowledge you can only choose one of the ones that Google lists, you can't make your own.
how come you guys did not get the stupid domain extension??? 
Glad to hear this! Now just to wait til it hits my page. :)
+Joy Hawkins But if they don't have a G+ Page, I should be able to claim the name, if I come first!
I would like to choose the name by my own of course. The suggested one from Google is pretty ugly and not acceptable.
Dear +Google+ Your Business can you advise how I can request a change to the custom URL being offered to me by Google?  I have not accepted the custom url as it is not suitable, and do not want to accept it as I understand it cannot be changed once implemented.  Thank you. #googleplusupdate
Mine ends in Au, I'd prefer to be able to remove it as well. 
+Stanley F. - I guess that's not how Google looks at it.  Probably because they don't want to accidentally show your G+ page in the search results when people are searching for the .com website.
If I claim a custom URL will my old URL still work?  I have my current Google+ page URL as a link on several business directories across the web.  Will I have to go back and change all the links to match my custom URL? 
+Google+ Your Business Please give ut at least the option to suggest a different URL the same way we can do with profile usernames! We've got the ".net" issue too and the ".com" website isn't even active...
Why is our page's "landing page" the Youtube section and not the Posts one like the rest of the pages? :S
Does anyone know any way to fix this? Thanks.
I hope there would be an option soon to change the suggested url. For my name it was perfect but the corporation I work for was given a name that included the city for some reason.
+Google+ Your Business  This is great BUT as mentioned above the url suggested for my business page is no good for me as I'm in the UK and couk is added on the end. It looks terrible! I'd like the url without this, but can't see any option to request this. Any help available?
Please advise how a name-CoUk can be changed. A business with domain does not want their brand/business name to end with CoUk at the end. It looks silly and makes no sense. Don't want it. Happy to keep the long serial number.
Is #Google actually doing something about the .net issue? We own .net and .com, but just decided years ago to promote .net mainly, now we're stuck with a <our domain>net custom url from Google+. This is quite annoying.
I have a verified local business page on Google+ (which should mean that it's elegible for a custom URL), but I don't get the option to claim it. Is their a way to troubleshoot this?
I want to change the url of my business page not my profile page. How do I do that? Right know it is DriscollPropertyManagement Rhinelander. but I would like to get rid of the Rhinelander in the url. Thanks for any help
Annoying that the TLD is part of the custom URL.  Not going to switch until they fix this.
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