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The different types of G+ Engagers. And how to reach them.

We all have our own relationship with Google+ and the pages we follow. We interact in different ways, have different goals, and log on with different expectations. The result is that, if you’re a content creator, one size does not fit all. In fact, different types of posts will appeal to different types of users. Today, we’re trying to break some of these categories down and give you tips for reaching each one.

The Resharers
These users are your most valuable allies, the ones whose activity on your post will contribute to virality and, in the end, get you more followers. It’s important to look through your posts regularly and assess which ones have the most reshares. When you’re trying to boost followership, these are the posts to emulate. We tend to see that launch announcements, exclusive updates, pro-tips, and technical guides to your business and products gain the most traction. Resharers are also the ones with whom you may want to build closer relationships. By clicking on the reshare count, you can see who these people are, reach out, and identify the influencers in your social network.

The Plussers
There are plenty of users out there who +1 content to demonstrate approval or gratitude. These are people looking for entertaining and interesting content, but may not want to engage with it through commenting or resharing. They may be more interested in keeping track of their favorite pieces for future reference. We recommend placing less value on the +1s on your posts. It is a low-impact form of engagement and one that lends less value to a conversation than a comment. But, sometimes, +1s are exactly what you want. For instance, perhaps you want to gauge your customers’ interest in a new product. Perhaps you want to use +1s to hold a poll in the comments section. It is also useful to think about ways to entice your Plussers to engage more. Maybe include a call to action in your post, encouraging people who +1’d your content to leave a comment explaining why!

The Commenters
These are users who are likely to give you feedback They’ll be valuable sources of customer input, so we suggest adding calls to action in your posts, encouraging them to speak up. But, it’s critical to understand that Commenters may be systematically different from the rest of your followers. In other words, the group of people who respond to your posts via comments may not represent your average follower or customer. We’ve found that Commenters are more engaged, more tech-savvy, more experience and familiar with your brand, and more vocal than your average customer. They’re also more likely to create sub-conversations that can distract from the overarching discussion. Remember to try to listen to everyone, not just the ones who shout the loudest.

The Readers
In this post from January (, +Yan Tseytlin reminds us, “Don’t get discouraged if you have a following yet get little engagement... A successful Google+ page is not just one with lots of followers, but a page where users feel comfortable and not pressured into commenting or sharing more personal reflections. No matter the type of page that you manage, be confident that your content is being read and digested by many types of people.” Yan also suggests, “There are a few ways to get even the most shy followers to speak up. Try a live Q&A where your followers have an incentive to get involved in real-time.” We couldn’t agree more. Some users certainly use Google+ just to consume fascinating content with little interest in engaging. But, that doesn’t mean they’re not reading along. Just do your best to provide a variety of opportunities and ways for them to engage if they so choose. If you’re posting to a specific circle, you can also hover over that circle’s name in the sharebox and choose to notify members of that circle of your post. Make sure they don’t miss what you’re doing!
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And with that I have +1'd it, shared it and commented, which just goes to show I read it too. What does that make me I wonder? Good advice though. Thanks.
Is commenting, sharing and +1ing overachieving?
" We recommend placing less value on the +1s on your posts."
Be assured people - plussers are as valuable as anyone to me.
Plussers = attention on the post for me +Kat Tehranchik
+Brandon Barone I agree... many times there is too much going on (here in this Ghost Town) to give a post the proper amount of attention... that is why many of us will +1 a post, so we will be alerted to it later and (hopefully) return to read/comment/reshare, etc. at a later time
Thanks +Brandon Barone
I'm here for information, news and if interacting happens - Great! I've had conversations with many who are in my circles and my plus on a post is important to ME. I don't plus for the heck of it.
+Making Google Plus Work We all have to give attention to important posts so hopefully more people can get addicted to Google Plus like Facebook. I've liked plenty of posts on Facebook until someone else comments first to see where the post is leading to lol. I wish Google+ wasn't such a "Ghost Town". Way to powerful for people not to use it!!
I've found that by not trying to get followers or +1's, I get more followers and +1's. I truly use Google+ because I like to learn and see new things. I post and share things that I like and truly interact with people. From seeing what some businesses post, it's obvious when they are just trying to promote their business without adding any value to the community here. I would guess that these are the businesses that don't see value in spending much time interacting here. I do hope in the future G+ has as many active users as facebook and we all benefit from being here at the beginning. But, in the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy interacting with the people who have been kind enough to add me to their circles.
Nice work guys! The new G+ is awesome!
I'm loving google + Haven't seen a direct increase of sales yet... but who cares!
I don't expect google to make me money. I'll make my own.
Very good information to know. I find myself to be the reader.
I'm an individual . . .
Huh? LOL! Well I need to learn how to tame my overwhelms me....
Thanks for share. Very useful piece of advice on social media engagement strategy.
Thanks for this insight: "By clicking on the reshare count, you can see who these people are, reach out, and identify the influencers in your social network." I am fairly new to G+ and am looking to learn more each day. Posts like yours add value and clearer understanding which I hope to use on my personal and my business google + page.
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