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How do you turn social media into consumer gold?
Posted by +Caroline McCarthy:

Here's a great report from McKinsey about why companies should care about the past few years' rapid consumer adoption of social media -- even though there are still people in the business world who dismiss it all as buzz and hype. Some things you'll find...
- More than 2/3 of consumers trust opinions they read online
- 30% of social media users are looking to discover videos and music
- Only 5% of companies think they've reached their potential in social media

Imagine the possibilities!!!
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That 2/3s trust opinions read online is scary. Lots of online reviews are embedded marketing and who knows if any opinion is based on accurate data these days without consulting It's a lot scarier place than you make it out to be, and companies need to have brand reputation as job #1
Yeah! Google are prioritizing more on social media nowadays! That's why I build lots of social media for my business to engage more with my customers and possible customer as well.
I believe most high ranked managers don't truly realize the enormous reach their companies may have scattering their influence over all the various means internet offers. Exceptions (ie, visionaries) a part.

Nowadays opportunities for networking between individuals and organisations are huge and basically completely unexplored... Mostly because big companies still feel their customers as un-personified individuals and don't yet realize that future is in a very private, personal and most of all humanistic relationship with customers, as well as consumers in general.
But social media is here to fix this. :)
+Aranzamendez Website Design Looks like smaller businesses, with tech-savvy owners will understand these concepts significantly earlier than big business.
Thus opening up quite some possibilities as first-mover advantage unfolds under their feet, good luck! ;)
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