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We just launched Google+ Dashboard. Check it out!
Google+ Dashboard - making it easier to manage your online presence

Today millions of businesses use Google+ to connect with their customers in meaningful ways. Many of these businesses also use AdWords to promote their products; Maps to update store info; and YouTube to publish high-quality video content (to name a few). We want to make it easier to manage your online presence - all across Google - so today we're getting started with Google+ Dashboard. After signing in to your Google+ page, you'll now have access to the following Dashboard features:

1) The ability to update your info (like website URLs, store hours and phone numbers) across Maps, Search and Google+ - all from the Overview tab.

2) One place to monitor your Google+ notifications, assign page managers, share photos and videos - even start a Hangout with followers.

Local businesses will also enjoy:

3) At-a-glance access to their AdWords Express and Offers campaigns.

4) Insights that include top searches for their business, top locations requesting driving directions, and performance data for their Google+ posts.

To start using Google+ Dashboard, simply sign in to Google+ as your page, then click the "Dashboard" icon in the navigation menu. We've got lots more useful tools to add from all across Google, so stay tuned for more updates!

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and still no way to merge Google+ Local pages with Google+ Brand pages?
More Google Local awesomeness!  Jade just emailed me about it and I shared with my community. You guys just keep making things better and better and we appreciate the team's efforts!
It says if you are managing your own Places entry, suppose that means service area businesses with hidden addresses:
Please note -- if you are using Google Places for Business, please continue to do so.

I have a hidden address Places entry and a +Local Business page for it but which is not verified.  A couple of weeks ago I was sent an email to verify.  I tried it but at the end it popped up a page saying hidden address Places entries could not be verified.

But I have a blue 'Verify Now' button on the +Local Business page.

Are SABs still out in the cold?
top locations requesting driving directions, and performance data for their Google+ posts
This Should Be For All Pages,Not only Local businesses Page.
Over All It's a Nice  Feature.
It would be great to offer some mobile admin functionality as well.  You can't currently post to places pages from a mobile device without logging in through a browser.
+Clark Taylor Brand pages are not for Local.  You can have both a Brand page and a +Local Business page(s).  It the old Business page which users with local outlets used who now have to abandon them to move over to the new +Local Business page.  You would have thought Google could provide a transfer facility.
Yes, +Andrew Huskinson. The problem I'm having is the business already established both a Google+ Local page and a Google+ Business page. And all we want to do is merge the 2 but there seems to be no way to do that. 
+Clark Taylor   Google recommends waiting to merge after you get upgraded to the new Google for Business Dashboard that is currently rolling out.
+Clark Taylor - do you have a G+ Profile set up for the Google Account used to manage the Places Listing?
Yes +Keenan Glass. Not me personally, but an executive with the business is both an admin of the Google+ business page and the Places listing.  I am an admin on the Google+ page but Places only allows one admin (last time I checked).
+Clark Taylor  - there should be or will eventually be a G+ widget in the new Dashboard if there is a +Profile associated with the account.  Not sure exactly what the deal is if you already have an existing local G+ page.  You may want to confirm the Google+ business page was set up in the local category.
Thanks, +Keenan Glass. I sure hope so. I love Google+ but to me, this part wasn't well thought out. It's just kind of a cluster @#$&.:)
Thanks for the dashboard. My pet peeve is that I submitted my seasonal hours (open on Mondays) over two weeks ago, but still shows as closed today. I wish hours would update in days, not weeks. Love the product though. (edit: this issue has been fixed. Thanks!)
andi a
i can't see tab insight, what should I do to display it?
aka +English_For_You 

Great! Keep up the improvements!  BUT (smile) what about a way to "stick" a post to the top of our page? THAT would be cool and useful to emphasize what is most important at the moment! What say you, G+?
excellent UI for dashboard. have you guys already getting this dashboard for Plus page or Local listing ?
+Keenan Glass We're having the same issue with not being able to merge the business and local pages, even though the same google+ account was used to set them up and manage them. We are mainly concerned with getting our reviews moved to our google+ business page. Any future updates/posts on merging the two would be greatly appreciated! 
+Pavni Diwanji Please help our google+ profile have two pages and one is business listing and secound is local google page how to marge both..
Thanks to Google and you for amazing work.
Why is it not possible to upload a profile picture? I click the Add Profile Photo button, drag a picture (or click the button to select), and all that happens is a stationary progress bar that never makes progress. I always have to cancel out. This happens 100% of the time, and I've submitted Help requests that go unanswered. Yes I'm using Chrome, and yes I've cleared my cache, tried a different machine, and sacrificed a chicken. And there is already one picture in the dashboard, but the dashboard won't let me use it as the profile picture.
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