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Starting to test Google Domains

It's 2014 and it seems obvious, but across laptops, tablets and mobile devices, a website is one of the first places people go to find information about a business. But amazingly, our research shows that 55% of small businesses still don't have one. 

So as we explore ways to help small businesses succeed online (through tools like Google My Business [] ), we thought it made sense to look more closely at the starting point of every business’s online presence - a website. And that starts with a domain name.

We’re beginning to invite a small number of people to kick the tires on Google Domains [], a domain registration service we’re in the process of building. Businesses will be able to search, find, purchase and transfer the best domain for their business - whether it’s .com, .biz, .org, or any of the wide range of new domains that are being released to the Web. 
Google Domains isn’t fully-featured yet, but we’re giving a small group of people the ability to buy and transfer domains through it and send feedback on their experience. (You currently need an invitation code to do so, sorry!) We want input on all the ways we can help make finding, buying, transferring and managing a domain a simple and transparent experience. We also want to make sure our customer support and infrastructure works flawlessly, and that we have the right additional services (like mobile website creation tools and hosting services from a range of providers, as well as domain management support). We're working with some of the top website building providers like +Shopify, +Squarespace, +Weebly, and  to help make that happen.

While we’re still building out all of the features, our goal is to make Google Domains more widely available soon. You can check out the first cut of what we’re working on at
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Love to get an invite and put it through the paces....
Peggy K
Yes, very interesting!
this makes absolute sense guys. In the future you can provide customers with a complete set of services that ranges from purchasing the domain to help setting hosting,  custom email (google apps), optimization (Analytics), SEO (Google guidelines & Google+), etc,etc all in one place. For small businesses this will be fantastic starting point. To be honest, I would be more comfortable buying a domain from Google rather than a place like GoDaddy.  
+Google+ Your Business  this would be great, but can you please add the ability to purchase SSL certificates? oh, and you have a great small business website builder also, it's called +Blogger ;)
How could I got invited to try it please ?
If you need another tester just send me a pm...well... an invitation key ;), I would be glad to help you guys on this.
Can't wait to learn more and for this to expand. I'd looove to have access to domain registration, hosting options, and mobile website creation tools from within the Google ecosystem!
How can we score a sweet, sweet invitation?
Any chance for invite ? Please just want to start my business........ I want have everything under one roof- Google :) please :) 
Can't wait for this to go public, very eager to have Google take the pain out of domain name management! Both thumbs up for this if certificates are part of the package too ;-)
I love the clean interface .  This is great!
Ok, now Google's destroying the businesses of webhosting and webauthoring companies as well? Great. Really great ...
I have currently have a beauty domain that is that parked.  Can I transfer it...
I'm surprised it took so long!
+Google+ Your Business, why so Johnny-come-lately?  Although it's better late than never I must say this seems so utterly un-Googley.   Anyway it'll take you years to get up to speed and have a solid service in place when more mature experienced players are miles ahead of you in the marathon. Maybe we'll take you more serious in this area in a couple years. Good luck playing catch up.
The timing works for me! :-)
How do one get an invite? I also wana market my small biz
As a fan, I must try it... :) invite me please... Thanks in advance :)
I am also ready to spread the word and to help others. Any invitation please ?
Two requests: 1. Please make available SSL certificates. 2. I hope there is a plan that allows hosting WebRTC applications.
Fantastic! I have a bunch of domains I would swing over (most purchased though GAAPS). 
It's a huge breaking news for all domain industry! Congratulations and good luck! ~AW
Any word on pricing? I assume they'll be very competitive. 
Nice to see Google getting into this arena. My concern for business would be - If a TOS violation occurs on another Google service, such as AdWords, AdSense, etc., will Goolge hi-jack and shut down a website whose domain is registered through them?
Would be great if Google made an easy way to transfer domains from GoDadday! I would use it in a minute!
any try this service ?
Would love an invite to test it out. Google has been very innovative, and this just might be a hit. 
How is Google Domains different from any other registrar?
That's nice, but I still don't know or understand why my original account was deactivated. I spent a lot of money buying games on that account just to have my money stolen by Google
Milos M
Excelente, yo quiero comprar unos cuantos, quiero mi invitación..
Yes I don't understand why they can't build up blogger! I'd rather have all the tools and a custom Blogger website that is expanderable
Interessante, mal posso esperar para fazer uso do serviço.
great for business, specially for SMBs ... additional 100 free email with 100 free sub-domains are kickoff bonus. And Google DNS servers must be damn fast to get lightening fast response time.
Looking forward to a good alternative to GoDaddy.
This is super exciting, Requested for invitation...
Request for invite, does anyone can send me an invite please?
Invite I would love to leave GoDaddy and it is either Hover or you guys.
does anyone have a spear invite?
Interested in an invite! Would love to transfer.
Entered my email address for invitation.Please do send the invitation code.Interested to buy and also transfer a domain on urgent basis.
Soul 21
Jesus Christ coming!
How can I get an invite? 
Currently I have my domain linked through Google Apps.  In result Google Now does not return information related to hotel reservations, flight information, etc.  Will the domain service improve how Google Now works?  
looking forward to purchase google domain :)    
I need invite code, help!
Mark S
How does a small business get invited?  We have 3 flower marts in Minnesota, and are looking to grow in the next year, but as any small business need help on the Web.  We have GoDaddy now, but would like to see what Google has to offer.
I really must have this now!  Trusted Tester :) Google will only improve the domain name use and purchase experience - the website process needs to be simpler for individuals to be able to set up their own websites..... 

Nothing wrong with that... Now about that beta invite... :) 

How could I got invited to try it please ?

So this service will be reemplace Google apps email service? 
I have over 70 domains, some parked and others hosted, If you are looking for volunteers, I would gladly give it a try and submit feedback.
I'd love an invite, have loads of domains I'd transfer over from Namecheap / GoDaddy
I would love to get an invite, please please
Time to test how royal is you with your domains registrar and web hosting services providers.  For example, Namecheap is good and I’ve yet to have a problem with them. Does this mean when Google Domains open its door to the public everybody rushes to join them? I don’t know. Please can you share the sort of additional features and functionality you would like to see on Google Domains? Who is looking for an invite code and who wouldn’t? Your invites could be a blink of an eye away ;)
Wow this is great news, would love to have an invite, going to jump ship with all my domains to google.
S Vota
now Domains ?  Whats the excitement about ?   almost everything I see on Google+ is WAY lacking compared to useful info on Yelp or TripAdvisor, etc, not sure how yet another source for domain names is a big deal ... maybe in a year or 2 ...  eons from now
I'd like an invite too... Is there somewhere to register an interest?
Interesting! Just invite me!!
I love to test this out - particularly with some domains I manage for TLDs that many registrars just don't support - even just for DNS records - for whatever their reasons.
We work with local businesses doing exactly this via our review platform.  Been trying to get SMB's setup with at least a +Blogger platform.  

Talking about Blogger, aren't you going to utilize your own platform to accomplish this?  ... Thinking out loud.
Anyone know if you can negotiate a transfer deal for a year or two of free registrations for moving bulk domains?  1000+
I want an invite please. Have about 20 domains coming due at Go Daddy over the next couple of months.  Would love to transfer them!
cant wait to get rid of Godaddy and transfer all my domains to google
Was looking to get my parked domain up and running again. I'll wait until this goes public or I get an invite ;)
can I have an invite,  please?
add me 2 ur service / betatest plz.

interested in invitation :)
Cool, would like an invite to check out!
+bozhidar mihaylov  Finally?

Anyway. Google... what is your differientiation? What's your pitch? Why would we transfer? We reviewed your site... and we see no reason to do so. We must be missing something here.
Sweet, clearly they should buy or partner with so their customers could access the worlds best unused .Com space 
Would love an invite please - Can't wait to try this out!
Looking forward to receive the invite ...
Would love to get an invite to try this exciting new google service
Currently use godaddy but their high-pressure add-on sales pitches are a big turn-off. Would be great to have a real simple alternative.
Can I please transfer my 100+ .glass domains to google? Haven't built any websites yet. 
Ohhh please send me an invite and I'll immediately transfer a half dozen domain names. 
This has got to be the most exciting domain news since... the GoDaddy IPO announcement! :-) 
Hopefully I'll get an invite soon unlike other services.
Kicking tires? I'd love to! This sounds like a wonderful idea. 
Need an invite.  I'll spend hundreds to get every bit of business away from GoDaddy.  Name your price type deal.
Please send me an invite we are a small emerging Pharma company out of India and can use these tools to promote our business . Keep my fingers crossed
I'm with Godaddy and not pleased at all. 
It should be simple. One price for domains and renewals. Easy to manage UI.
Godaddy is just sneaky and unethical in their practices.
Very cool.  I would love to get an invite to transfer my domains.  Thanks and keep up the good work.
Google, please invite me. I would love to transfer all my domains over. Thank you very much!
I have 10-15 domains to transfer, and would like to register 3-5 more. It`s not for speculation, but I am building an idea on every of them. I hope Google`ll soon run the platform. They need to work hard to optimize the Blogger!!! Or build another every-user-friendly website building platform. Their own, accept the existing ones they plan to support... Why not do they optimize Blogger, like WordPress have been done?!? Just do it Google! :) We are all sick of speculators like the most domain registration companies are........... Don`t be evil, you know... be good :)
Great! Keen to see it online and use it.
I would love to get an invite, thanks!
Will they really send the code to try?haven't received any till date.
Is this the place for request invitation  ?  If yes, Please invite me ,
Very interesting and interested on it ... please invite me. I'd like to check prices ...
about time that we get to integrate everything into one service.
Can you send me an invitation code ? I have a big list of domain names I own or manage for my customers :-)
Pls invite me... I have list domain tranfer now.... Plsss
I would love an invite too. I hope it also has domain transfers available.
Can't wait to sink my teeth into this!
I'm in the process of looking for another domain registrar anyway as I want one mainly for email. I have 2 domains and would like to transfer them somewhere else. This sounds like what I need :)
I would love an invite, I also would love for Google Fiber to be in my part of Atlanta...Nuff Said!
Please invite me, I will do both transfer and buy domain from this great service to write a tutorial for the World.

If you add 5-10 emails per domain,, I'm so there. Not just one like godaddy.
I am running a domain name blog over at
Can I get an invitation to Google Domains?
anyone with an Invite please send one to me...thank you
Looking forward, please send me the invite.
Will you be doing domain certificates too?.. because that would be absolutely Awesome!
Love that google is working on this. An invite would be awesome if possible :)
Sounds great. A DNS manager comparable to Godaddy's would be a requirement for me to switch.
Offer SSL and this could be amazing
I am just starting up my own IT consulting business and would greatly appreciate an invitation to have Google set up a domain name for me.
Google seems to take more control of domains. Anyway, invite me.
PLEASE NOTE that commenting here IS NOT THE SAME as requesting an invitation.  You must click on a certain link to request an invite.  Commenting here lets Google Business know how much you enjoyed (or hated) the above article, but does nothing for you regarding your desire for Google Domains.  (Hint:  the invite link is not in the first paragraph nor the second paragraph of this post, but it can be found.  I sent my invite request before reaching this page.)
+Ron Wright
I Had entered the email in their google docs form since 2 days now.Not received any code.When will they send?
Just another creative way Google to increase Adwords revenue. Google first tried this by partnering with Intuit, but sales she fell short. I predict more of the same especially when business owners get
frustrated trying to get to their web sites seen organically.
Please, will be Multiple Websites hosting? Webspace? cPanel Options? Lot of questios,  so let me try
+Google+ Your Business - This is very exciting....The sooner, the better, please. I'm working on three domains now and I'd love to have it integrated with the rest of Google. Tired of managing multiple registrars, log ins, admin panels etc.
Any Dev here from Google, who want to invite me ?
Of Course why not..would love an invite --
Finally - someone to clean up this nasty industry.  Would love an invite code please ....
They will be giving away free domains!
Please i need an invitation. Thanks. 
If possibile, I want an invite for test it, thanks!
Looking forward to trying it.
When we work with web services, we normally use a third party service for hosting websites and other services and our credibility is somewhat dependent on the other. Having Google as hosting I add credibility to the set of services that I offer.
Great idea hope it works out for everyone who will be using the service
Great.... so lets  let the company that controls everything..... control one more thing. I like google... But I'm all about supporting businesses that focus on supporting the Customer, not just the machine.
I would like to be invited as well!
I am hoping Google will make it easy to transfer Google Apps domains over from GoDaddy to Google's domain service.
Will be interested to see how low the coupon codes for discount go. Hard to beat some for first year GoDaddy affiliates are offering. Like $1.99 for a .com. Renewals, not so much - but I haven't paid full price for a domain since .... forever. 
I'll transfer all my domains from godaddy to Google domain 
Just signed up for an invite and cannot wait to transfer all my domains from Website spot; sick of paying for privacy; if you offer that for free.... awesome.
Another request (please add me to the list!) for an invite to participate and test! Thanks..
my domain registration expires in less than a week. I would love to transfer it to Google
I want an invite code, Actually using Godaddy!
can i get a invitation? I'm going to apply one from google ;) my email:
I manage about 180+ domains and am not happy with Network Solutions and have been considering transferring them to Hover.  Now that Google is doing this I might have to reconsider.  That is if I get my invitation code in time as I was wanting to do this sooner rather than later.
I use enom for my 185 domains, plus over 500 re-seller domains. I want like to see how this would all work together. My re-seller account allows the users to admin their own domains, but I can login to my master account and support all of the domains in one place. I would like to try out Google Domains and give my feedback throughout my experience. I also have a Google Apps account. Please send me an invite.
Will buy an invite<< real email. Thanks
Would love to get an invite, already have my business on google apps for business 
Sig ma
How can I get a Google Domain invitation code ?
Sounds interesting. The invitation form doesn't appear to be working though...
Adding a vote for SSL.  Merely having a domain and presence is no longer adequate.  Businesses need to secure data at play, even for simple sites like a blog.  Further, the ability to secure subdomains with UCC certs allows businesses to experiment, bifurcate markets, and spin-off .  
This is a great idea. I hope it will be sucessful . More grease to your elbows Google. hope to be like you guys one day
Did anyone get a invitation? Because I apply 2 weeks ago or even more and I still don't get any code yet. How long should I keep waiting?
wow!~i want get invitation code.
Does anyone know how long does it take to get an invite?
Can I please get an invite?  Would love to try it out.
who do i contact with questions about the domains service?
where can we start to test google domain?
This is great.  I've been waiting for years to see GOOG get into this business.  Having to register via godaddy or enom becomes a PITA after a while.  I'd love an invite code.  Thanks. 
anybody has an invitation?? I think nobody has one... I fulfilled the form one week ago and I steel waiting the invite... 
totally makes sense - especially with the Google Apps integration
After the domain registration business, you should integrate with +Apptuse and let your customers instantly make android apps from existing websites! 
I think coupled with a basic UNIX or Linux style Shell account, this would be a powerful service. Maybe start to tie in Gmail for custom domain emails.
This would make me personally and my employer very happy.  
Tommy G
Sounds good, I would love an invite. Google please send me an invite to your Google domain! thanks
Hurray !! waiting for invitation code  :)
Signed up weeks ago. Still no invitation code. Let me in :) 
so they mention other web host/providers in the announcement, but does this service support Google Apps (sites) as the host for basic website services?
Great news!!! waiting for invitation code
I would seriously like to get an invite code. I have several businesses that I support that are ready for this as well. I wonder if Google will also offer 'Reseller Services' as well. I'm not sure if one can only get an Invite Code from Google directly, or if current Beta-testers can also send invites. Either way, I would like to request an Invite Code please.
anyone other than Anthony Roberts, Jr. get a code? I have 2 domains I keep putting off registering as I want to get them with Google, but deadlines are coming up fast for me.
To 'Liams' anyone else also already test driving the Beta Google Domain program?
James T
How long to wait for a invite code?
I wanted to relay that my invite from the program came directly from Google. I did not request an invite, I was invited to test the beta as at this time, it's only invite in. It says that current users will be given opportunities to maybe invite others but to date, I have not seen reference to an offering at this time. I can answer any questions about it from a user's experience though as I have transferred in one domain successfully in less than 24 hours.
I would simply adore an invite. 
Do they send invite for anyone? More then a month gone, but I still can't found info about prices and else on internet. Seems nobody use it.
I'd love to try it, if .com prices will be lower then 8.19$, .me lower than 14.19$. .net lower than 7.8$, .ru lower than 2.46$, .su lower than 10$, etc (it's my current registrator prices, including free private whois).
Also Google Takeout is innapplicable to that service, so if you (Google) run it, don't close it, it will be awful.
Le Ness
How can i get too ?? , would greatly appreciate an invite , launching a startup ..from #France
Rey Ley
I'd love to try this, in order to see what they are offering
Just another domain registration and hosting company, like we haven't got enough of them already! Just remember, you get what you pay for with websites and hosting.. cheap is not good for business websites and hosting. Speed and reliability are key, and cheap hosting companies just don't cut it. And website builders are no good to tailor a website for your business needs and help you stand out from your competition.
+Laurence Cope Cheap (under 20$) hosting can be good too, for example I have VPS with 2GB RAM and SSD for 10$\month and it has 99.9% uptime and normal at all. But backups are very important, because they lost data 2 times (I have this VPS 2 years). For big company it's critical, for personal blog or small company website it's acceptable.
For domain registrators price dosen't matter at all. There is no support needed. And uptume dosen't applicable.
+Laurence Cope normally I would agree, but let's face it ... Google have an absolutely ENORMOUS server capacity, is built for speed and efficiency in serving websites, and they need to monetise it ... this works well for all involved.
+Randall Glick Google will be using those third party suppliers for website building systems, so I dont think sites will be hosted on Google, but hosted on those other providers servers. But it all depends on how many sites they cram onto a web server, regardless of the server capacity or who hosts it. Many provider just cram so many sites on few low cost servers, they are not really very good at hosting important business websites. 

Its just important to know you get what pay for as with anything else, so low cost or free websites will not be that good to be honest. And for businesses (which is who my point is mainly aimed at) its important to have good quality. Thats my point really. Businesses should not opt for free or low cost websites. They're fine for personal or hobbyists websites, but business who want to maximise profits should, and can, afford better.
Alex K
They're charging $12/year for .net .com to transfer... just FYI.
Just tried it. Not worth it. I pay under $9/year currently with private whois.
I 2nd the charge for domain transfers.  I was super excited to finally get my invite but after finding out they charge for transfers I decided to not participate.  I own about 50 domains and would love to have them hosted by Google.  Not anymore.  I unfortunately JUST renewed about half my domains for another year with GoDaddy. 
I tried to request for the invite code but not received any email
so please someone can send me an invite code
+Dan Gombos I transferred some of my domains and they extended the date. So for my domain set to expire in 11/14/14, I didn't lose the 3 months. Google added the 3 months and it will now expire 11/14/15 instead of August.
sorry it is typo error
Google said about website building tool : weebly, shopofy etc. Can I use WordPress if I get invitation and host with Google? If anybody know, please make a reply. 
Pls send me invitation at
So far I'm not impressed.  Typically I buy my domains and host elsewhere using my own DNS servers.  When I change DNS servers with GoDaddy it typically takes less than 60 minutes to propagate.  So far its been 5 hours since I've registered a new domain and changed the DNS and I can't access my site yet.   The corporate line is " .. 24 to 48 hours"  but that's never the case with Godaddy. 
Is this a permanent venture?  Or will Google just try it out, then do away with it?  That would be HUGE trouble if you've transferred all your domains, as I'm considering doing.  Too, I see no break in pricing whether you sign up for 1 or or more.  What's the story there????
I really like the idea of being able to add registration privacy at no cost. I would give it a try.
I am thinking of shifting all my domains to Google Domains
So it seems there are mixed feelings with Google Domains. I requested invites through my personal Google account and though my Business Google account. I received a response to my business account a few weeks later, but haven't heard anything at my personal account. So if you're itching to get it, a Google Business account might rank higher than a regular Google account... or it could just be totally random and I'm just an ass. But that doesn't seem very Google-like. 

Anyway, I was able to easily transfer in two domains from GoDaddy for testing. Unfortuntaly, you can only do this one domain at a time. Regardless, the transfer process went very smoothly for both domains... much faster than I was expecting - very streamlined. (I expect multi transfer to be added in time.)

Currently, the offering lacks some of features of other registrars - primarily the ability to edit multiple domains. But I expect more features to be added in time and certainly more integration across other Google products - linking to a page for example.

I did not see the DNS propagation issues other people in this post have commented on. My sites updated pretty much right away.

So overall.. its a great start.. But with 100+ domains, I'm holding off a little while longer for multi-transfer support.

If anyone has a specific question, I'd be happy to answer it.
Today I tried to transfer all my domains to Google Domains as I am a staunch follower of Google products. But to my surprise I was asked to pay US $12 per domain transfer. I started the process but aborted midway due to the ingenuine demand as all my domains are already renewed up to July 2015 or even up to July 2016 in advance. It will be taxing the small business owner to pay for domain which is not yet due for renewal. Instead of initial free period of say two to three months it will be taxing in terms of paying the renewal fees in advance. At least Google Domains can think of charging the discounted rates for renewal charges which will become due for renewal in future that is 2015, 2016 or 2017 as small business owners sometimes buy hosting and domain name to synchronise with one date and pay discounted hosting and registration charges. By demanding US $12 from such domain owners will be discouraging them to come forward.
+Victor Caballero transfer from GoDaddy is actually really easy now days. The current problem is Google has a $12 renew requirement which is not a huge deal (definitely not the cheapest out there) but the beta is locked to US only.  ='o(
Ashok.. this product is still in beta. I sure wouldn't trust moving existing live business sites over to it yet..   they don't have a full suite of management tools yet for example..  but I agree they should have some type of try before you buy option during beta at least..   but knowing Google, this beta could last for years...
$12 bucks a domain? I have 96 domains....that I will not transferring as I pay $7.60 now... #fail
m mmama
hello please send invite :) some domain expired some days. Google is google :D
Great integration with Google Webmaster Tools and Google Sites! Makes life so much easier when trying to verify custom domains.  I just launched a new Google Sites with vanity domain, and the URL was pointing to the website within a couple of minutes. #amazing    #winner  
Thanks for the invitation code. Just transferred my first domain name.
Wow, that was fast! My transfer is complete. The domain name is up and running.
If anyone has an invite, I'd love one!
Can I get an invitation code?
Steve D
I could really use an invite, current host is terrible and due to expire in 30 days. Any chance Google domains and hosting will be operational by then?
Curious who is your background domain provider, I'm praying it isn't godaddy or its owner. Thanks.
Love it so far for purchasing domains. But I'm wondering how I can transfer those domains to my hosting provider?
Y Kim
please send invite code :-)
I have 5 invites. PM me with your email and I'll get one to you. First come first serve.
Y Kim
I'll take it, if you still have one available.

Sent from my iPhone
please invite me, thanks
+Mark Cosens Hello Mark - If you have one more invitation code, could you mind to share one with me?  I have been waiting for the code for one week, no luck yet.  Really try to setup a business website and try to get it done thru Google route.  Thanks.   
Just need an email to send the invite to
I'd like an invite if anyone has an extra one!
Hi, Googlers Friends If you need an invite just let me know I have 3 invitation left. If you need one I will email to you.
Thank you,
Wening Cintron
If anyone has an invite I'd love one too. :D
Looking for an invite to this if anyone has one (thanks in advance!)
someone gave me an invite (thankfully) but I don't see where I can invite more people. I guess there's a waiting period?
Does google domains include free Goole Apps for Work?
(Banging on door) Please contact me asap. Want in. (Door bell, door bell, door bell)
I'm still looking for an invite. Anybody have one left?
Adam, my man, bring me with you to the light! This is going to be so powerful! 
We are a marketing company that currently works with Godaddy for domain services. We have been with them for year, but would be more then happy to stick with Google as we use App, Docs, Maps, and more on a daily basis. Why not stick with them for domains...
I got an invite code but can't use it in my country...
Anyone have an invite? I need to renew my domain within the next 3 days... Thanks in advance!
I know I'm late getting into this, but does anybody have an invite code?  If you could send me one it would be very much appreciated! invite would be ever so lovely. The web-design scales finally fell from my eyes a month ago...and this service looks like it will be an absolutely brilliant alternative to the du jour list of DNS registrars.
I could really use an invite... Pretty please
Can you please bring this to the UK I really want to move my two domain to Google!!!! I hate that USA gets all the fun :/

also does anyone want an invite I have 5 to give away 
Have 20 domains ready to move to you google. Just need the invite!
can anyone invite me please ! my email :
I got my invite! Loving it. Everything I would expect from Google.
can anyone invite me please?
Is this only for Businesses? What about personal domains?
No sir. I know someone will yell at me for saying this but, (for a lack of better terms) it's like go daddy, but on Google servers with Google support. It's silky smooth so far, could use some features, but it's in beta for a reason.
 I requested an invite about a month ago...nothing heard.  ...does anybody have an invite?
If you know anything about Google beta, then you know they are hard to come by, and not everyone gets one. They have a formula that calculates the test market they want to try out. But, email me more about yourself and I will see what I can do for you.
Hi Googlers! Anyway that I could get an invite :) 

Happy New Year!
Kay Kim
I have a domain I'd like to transfer and also register a new one. An invitation would be greatly appreciated! :)
can anyone invite me please?
 Can any one invite me for Google domain. We have been registered with Net4 India for several years, but would be more happy to stick with Google as we use App, Docs, Maps, and more on a daily basis. Why not stick with them for domains.
So when is the ETA for the Domains??  and can I build a web site without providers?
When will it be rolled out in Australia?
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