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Today's Help Desk Hangout: Now In Writing
Posted by +Toby Stein :

Instead of going On Air, the team will be answering questions in real-time in the comments section of this post. We're focusing on Google+ Pages and Google+ Local, so post away and, for the next hour, we'll +mention you with a response.
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Any way to do or plans to implement advanced text layout (as in blogs) in posts of +pages?
Any updates on collaborative posting for a page's team?
Any plans on adding save draft?  I would really like to be able to start a post, save a draft and come back to it later.
+Alex Rodrigues, there are already basic formatting tricks like bold and strikethrough, but the advanced text layout is something we don't yet have. It's a great piece of feedback that we can pass along to our team.

+Mark Finch, that's a great point. We get tons of requests for this! As for verification, are you saying that only one of those two pages gives you the option to link it to your website?

+Thorben Groth, what exactly are you looking for?  
I would like to have the ability to post photos in my post not just a single linked photo, or album.  
I'm looking for real time collaboration (gdocs-like). that would go along with drafts.
Other page managers would be able to edit the draft.
Right now, you have to share the post to a specific circle, and when it is ready, copy paste it to a new post, whereby +mentions and formatting gets lost. 
I would love to be able to see page activity without having to switch into an Admin role in each of those pages.
Our non-profit has a blogger blog (, and also we have a Google+ page (  We have several people that post to our blogger page and through feedburner and RSS we shoot out snippets to facebook and twitter.  How can we have blogger entries also aggregated to our google+ page?  I know in blogger we can be prompted to also post to google+, but we want it to go to our non-profits google+ page, NOT the authors page.
so this is for business pages? so why not allow surveys/polls and ways to enter contests? those results could go into gdocs
My business is unable to benefit from Hangouts On Air because my old Youtube account was permanently suspended back in 2008. I was philosophical about the suspension, but when I saw how Google Plus is becoming so integrated with Youtube, I negotiated with the claimant against my Youtube account to retract their claims, and they graciously did so. April 6, I received a notice from Youtube Copyright that my account would be restored.

Yet, my access to Youtube remains suspended. (Yes, I have submitted all the forms, several times.)

I do not need or want any of the content from that old account -- it is ancient history. All I need is for it to be unlinked from my Google account so that I can start anew on Youtube and do Hangouts On Air.
+Kaile J Johansen read my mind! Being able to embed (or at least prominently link to) Google Forms on Pages would be a fantastic feature.
+Thorben Groth, great ideas. We've been using Docs collaboration in Hangouts. But, as you know, pages can't own Docs yet, so we've been doing it with personal profiles. We'll pass the idea along!

+Mark Finch, yes, the roll-out is gradual. So, please be patient!

+John Greco, good point! We're working hard on better measurement tools for pages! 
+Thorben Groth true (and thanks).  I don't want more browsers though (gets too confusing trying to find my bookmarks).
+Brent Liberatore, this autoposting to a page is a request we've heard frequently and are discussing, but there's no timeline for allowing this, though I certainly understand the need.

+Kaile J Johansen, one way to do a poll is to create a post and put the choices in the comments. You can disable comments and then ask users to +1 the options to vote. But, integration into Docs is a great idea! 
Is there any current restriction on linking my G+ page to my Google Sites site?  I've tried with no luck.
Oh and two more things:

1) personalized URLs
2) analytics
Thanks! Is the reason for the site linking restriction technical or policy-driven?
Yeah I know how to do the polls in the comments and lock them.  I want a tabulation into a spreadsheet.  this goes along with +Jodi Kaplan analytics.   I need to see if my page is getting engagement
Is there a way to get my vanity profile back?  I am one of those Google Apps users who had my Google Apps email and used that as my Google Account.  Now I have this Google Apps account and was forced to copy my Google Account to another account.  I had it copy everything it could into my apps account, but it left my Google Profile in the other account.  

Is there a way to get my profile linked to this account?  That would give me my easier to remember back.  Or as +Jodi Kaplan asks is there plans to create a new vanity url?
+Andrew Lake, while we are not aware of the exact reasoning behind the product decision, allowing linking to Google Sites is not a priority for the team and likely will not be coming in the short-term.

+Thorben Groth, no updates on that front - still working away on it :)

+Jack B. Erhart - our army of Google+ elves is helping shoulder the load!   
Thanks so much for taking the time to provide some clarity. It makes it much easier to make some near to mid term decisions.
I know this is a little open ended but do you have any recommendations (link, etc.) for effective use of G+ Pages and features?
+Jodi Kaplan, +Mark Finch, while we originally had no plans for Vanity URLs, our team understands how important they are to many users and especially to businesses. While we can't offer definitive plans, timelines, ro even certainty that they'll be available, we can say that the team is actively thinking about and discussing Vanity URLs in response to feedback like this. So, keep it coming!  
When will we be able to post photos to our Google+ Page which we took on our phones? We can do this simply on our own profile but the feature is missing on Google+ Pages.
This is one of the biggest things which stops me using it a lot more.
Speaking of phones, why can't I just set my photo upload preferences and be finished with it?  

(And, thank you for taking the time to answer all these questions).
I'm with +Jodi Kaplan; ¿there are plans to provide vanity URLs for Google+ Pages?

Another, what about provide a message icon (similar to personal profiles) to get in touch with pages? (With the option for admins to enable/disable that feature)

Another, what about display in the "videos" tab the hangouts on air that the page has done? 

The last (I promiss): I would love to being able to manage pages via Google+ App for Android

Thanks in advance for your reply +Google+ Your Business :))
Is there any plans to limit visibility of a whole page?
I'm thinking of a scenario where my company (Delta Hotels) starts using Google+ inside the company.
For instance. The Front desk at the hotel in downtown Vancouver sets up a page for their agents. They can post VIP check-ins, outages, local news, etc... all stuff relating to their work.
While, they can limit the postings themselves to just the front desk agents via a circle... it's a little cumbersome to manage.
Plus, it looks bad on the outside when customers discover a page for Delta Vancouver Suites Front Office... and ti's blank.
The idea would be to leverage Google Apps sharing interface to limit the page to Groups or specific individuals. Only they can see the page.
Am I making sense?
+Mike Dent, good to know :)

+Felipe Calvo, you can send a message directly to a page by simply creating a post and typing the name of the page into the sharebox. Or, you can +Mention a page in a public post to get their attention. For videos, we encourage page owners to download their HoAs from YouTube and reupload them directly to that tab, but having a direct transfer is a great piece of feedback! We hear you loud and clear about mobile management. 
+Andy Serwatuk, is your company a Google Apps company? Google Apps users can enable Google+ for inside their company in order to share only with people on that network. If you're an Apps user, you should reach out to your Enterprise sales contact for more information! 
We are a Google Apps Company, and I'm aware of the ability to share just inside the company... but doing so would still leave a blank "outside world facing" Google+ Page... I was hoping to have the option to hide it's visibility (Unless a feature was released that I missed)