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What the best method for broadcasting hangouts to users who are not on Google+ yet. I have 200+ wineries with only 3 on Google+
Gotta head to a meeting looking forward to the recording later
Oh wow, how to open a hangout and broadcast it live on YT like you're doing? I have never tried it before!
I am currently writing my dissertation on using social networks as collaborative platform. Right now G+ is way way waaaaaaay ahead of the rest of the field. It is a pleasure to use this tool.

If anyone has any ideas will you please pass them along my way please. Thanks.
For our nonprofit, we use Blogger as a "news" site for posting news articles. We also utilize Bloggers RSS feeds through Feedburner to insert that information in certain places on our website depending on which labels are attached to the Blogger post. We also use Bloggers RSS feed into DLVR.IT to post small teasers (about 200 characters) of the post to facebook and twitter to pull users back to blogger to read the whole article. When will the API be ready for sites like DLVR.IT to write to our Google+ page, or possibly a built in function of Blogger to do that?
I'm missing a hangout button in the Google+ mobil app... Any estimate on when /if it will be updated?
Thanks for responding +Brian Rose. I'm trying to teach everyone in my region how to use our newly integrated Google Apps system. We were also planning to hold meetings on hangouts to plan events using Google docs. Looking forward to a similar feature.
+Lars Øystein Iversen You should be able to join hangouts from mobile, but we haven't yet implemented an option to start hangouts from mobile.
Question- Coming from a small business sometimes people connect via a personal profile social media account versus a business page. Do you think it is best to just have a personal G+ page and not use a business profile? I don't want to cross post things in both places and sometimes I find it best to engage via my personal profile account. How do you weigh in on what you post on your personal account versus your business page?
How about be able to favorite a G+ post? So we can make a list of them. Its a bit tedious to have to scroll to all posts to find one we liked.
I've actually got a "Business" Google Plus account with my work email, and a "Personal" Google Plus account with my personal email. As well I have our business's plus page. I usually post things to our plus page, and then reshare it on my business account.
How about chat capability on Google+ for Business page?
On your desktop, if you go to and click the "Google+ posts" drop-down menu, you should be able to input a specific city. You can then enter your search query to find public posts that others have geotagged from that area.
Wes Lum
This is a general problem, not only pages related, but you need to fix notifications! Make them reliable, and help people manage large amount of notifications reliably. How is any site supposed to be taken seriously when you miss 50% of the mentions and anything else because you don't see them? I hope Google works on this. There's gotta be some creative ways to handle notifications...whether it's just 10 or 99+.
Thanks for attending everyone!
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