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Google+ Your Business hung out with 2 people. #hangoutsonairCourtney Pannell and Rob Warner
AdWords for video
Google Small Business and 2 others participated
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Glad to have you back :-)
Thanks for sticking with us everyone! Sorry about the technical difficulties.
I haven't really created any websites or even YouTube videos recently that I want to advertise on AdWords Video.
I can imagine a couple videos that I would like to part of a campaign.
*Le sigh
Still no hangouts on air from Germany :/ Our law is a b** sometimes.
Malte, Why can't y'all have hangout from Germany? What law says you can't?
The so-called "Rundfunkstaatsvertrag", which requires a license for all live broadcasts (especially TV shows) that are technically able to have more than 500 viewers. That law is from 1981 actually ._.
What, if any, are Google's plans to deal with the EU privacy directive on cookies/HTML5 local storage? That's 700,000,000 consumers. You can't just ignore it?
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