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We’re thrilled to officially launch our page on Google+. Look for us at the intersection of all things Auto and Digital. Circle us today and join the conversation as we highlight the latest news, trends, research and product announcements.
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Nice :) hope your services will come to cars / android devices soon. Would like to see a DIN sizes device with android and CAN-Bus Connection. Would be great as a multimedia hub in the car. Also good thing for advertisment. You could show ads that are targeted to the current situation (like driving for 3 hours) . Would be nice to have a navigation system that reminds me of taking a break and showing me the best places for a break on my route / route me to that places.
I have to admit I'm real curious what exactly will Google Automotive be covering. Latest cars and their tech? Social media? Dealerships info? According to the About here:

Follow us if you're interested in the latest automotive and digital news and insights.

Regardless, will be following Google Automotive to see where it goes in the autosphere.
Maybe a portal to compare specs from different cars?
+Adrien Pierret +Joel Arellano +Timo Witte We plan to cover lots of automotive topics, with a focus on digital marketing for manufacturers, dealers, and aftermarket companies.  When Google product teams have relevant news to share, we will pass it on. Thanks for following us!  
Re: "Internet Solutions" Workshop Track. Dang. Looks good. Will you be uploading video of the presentation/transcripts?

Re: focus. Ah! Gotcha. Thanks!
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