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Good piece from +Paul Budde on how high-speed broadband is transforming the Australian economy, and the many huge opportunities it will continue to create.

Spot on quote: "Those who are still talking about broadband as an end in itself do not understand the situation. Broadband is simply the tool that will further enable and advance the digital economy. So those who are looking at broadband in isolation are totally missing the point."
After some five years of public debate on the National Broadband Network (NBN) it is heartening to see that more and more people are getting the message that the network means more than just fast inte...
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And what is Google doing to lobby the opposition, and Tony Abbott, who insist that they will 'rip up' the NBN project?
The NBN is total crap.
Certain people in government are making a quick buck, hence the massive push for it.
Kinda like that pathetic carbon tax.
NBN is changing the whole game and it's a reality. Better to prepare and embrace change.
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