A cool use of Hangouts to take away your Monday blues.
If You Mashup Google Maps Street View
With a Google+ Hangout, You Get...'Street Hangouts'?

Nooo. You get 'Hangouts Quest' -- a clever game demo.

Hangouts Quest is a video scavenger hunt, in the location of your choice. Participants compete to find pre-selected 'treasures' that can be anything from a chair to graffiti to a bare spot on the carpet.

Looks like a great way to keep kids engaged and entertained while teaching them about a museum, zoo (AKA; 'zoological garden'), or pretty much any famous landmark. I'd pay to see a version about Congress. ("Ok, that's one point if you spot a John Bircher, two for a Klansman. Go!")

For now, it's just an experiment. Not sure if this is something Google might implement here on G+, but it's one of the better ideas I've seen.
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