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We're happy to announce that cycling directions are now available in Google Maps down under. Time to #getoffthecouch  and on your bikes!
We're big fans of bicycling here at Google Australia, and based on how much we get asked, “When is cycling coming to maps in Australia?” we know most of you are cyclists too. Good news is that today w...
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You put a lot of work into being incredibly awesome, Google. I like that.
Excellent! Just a suggestion, is there a way to integrate hills, elevation and traffic data to bike paths so users can select the "easiest" route vs. "safest" route vs. "fastest" route?
Looks great. Hopefully we can get public transport on there too.
because it's too wet and cold and raining and muddy currently. I wouldn't enjoy it.
Awesome stuff map maker would be sweet
But its not available in mobiles..?? :(
Google just keep on rolling out the good stuff.
Great that google is starting on this, but the first route I entered is deadly and pretty much ignores the major bike paths in favour of brevity of distance. Perhaps google should employ some kinda reddit up down vote type thing...
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