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Hey presto!
Just like that, Aussie Chromecast users can now watch great new movies on the biggest screen in their house with the launch of Chromecast support for the Presto app on Android and iOS tablets.

From Hollywood blockbusters to old time favourites, Presto brings you premium movie content from a range of Foxtel Movies channels. Some of the newest releases include Grown Ups 2, The Hangover Part 3 and The Wolverine. 

Presto is a subscription streaming service. To celebrate the Chromecast launch they are offering Chromecast users one month free. Head over to the Presto site to learn more

Happy casting!
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Any chance of live sports especially netball being available?
Looking forward to the cast screen coming online.. Loving Chromecast + Plex in the meantime!
Involves Foxtel, therefore Murdoch. Wouldn't take it up on principal alone.
Why can't you just make google play movies the same price as hoyts kiosk? They don't make enough movies worth watching and I don't have time to watch enough movies to justify a subscription service - unless it was really cheap like Netflix. Why would I wanna pay $7 to rent when I can go to the movies for $10? $3.50 on the other hand is reasonable.
Please do not encourage the practice of price gouging of Australians by foxtel.
Wow. Just wow. I had a look and they actually expect us to rent new releases for $6. Why the heck would I pay $20 a month so I can still pay them $6 for a rental? So I can watch some ancient movies for free? Hello! That's what free to air is for. Sure I can't choose the movies on free to air but I'm not desperate for watch 10 year old movies. Who exactly is their target market? Who is this a good deal for exactly?

Also just an FYI the chromecast deal doesn't work anyway. They still want you to pay $5 for the first month even though it says it would be $1 which would then be refunded.
Foxtel is the scourge of Australian television, locking up great international shows inside the over priced behemoth packages that only the wealthy can afford. An utter disgrace as a media distribution business model.
Fight for freedom with freeview and help the free to air channels support chromecast and get distribution rights for great content. 
I'm giving #Quickflix a go - it's Australia's version of #Netflix. So far so good. Room for improvement, but not bad at all. So far can only get it on iOS...looking forward to it coming to Android. 
I have a Chromecast and signed up, but the presto app quite repeatedly, and now it's back without the Chromecast button, so not good for the only thing I wanted it to do. Oh well.
Total failure Google. Having to use Google Play is hopeless. Chrome cast should be a lone unit. Since installing cast, chrome browser keeps crashing. Greed is turning you away from sensible products that work. Get your shit together Google.
@ Brent Sullivan. Invite to chat about Chromecast but chat disabled? Do you work for Telstra? Looks like their MO
Hi, we are having a lot of problems getting Presto to work. We have received our promo code but from this point the page goes no further to enter our credit card details. I initially set up on my android but could not find a way to get movies running on our TV. Your help would be much appreciated. Lee Binnie
I tried Presto but couldn't get it work with the Chromecast. Very happy with Netflix, by the way.
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