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Two Hangouts on Air on +Google Australia you should not miss.

From women in tech to Ita Buttrose, we're bringing you a double-header of Hangout on Airs from this page tomorrow.

1:30pm AEST - Women in Tech- Join engineers Susannah Raub and Katie Bell as they explain why they’re passionate about increasing the impact of women in all aspects of technology.

3pm AEST - Here's Ita-  The legendary Ita Buttrose will be on a hangout to chat about her new book Passionate Life. Ita will also reflect on her trailblazing career in Aussie magazines. 
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+Christopher Hopper I've noticed more errors creeping in on the formatting.  Now having a space behind an * will break it's functionality. That never used to be the case, I've just started noticing it happen this past week.
Watched the women in tech. The quality was pretty average, but awesome, crazy intelligent ladies.
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