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+Google Australia can I buy a google TV device/TV in Australia?
Hope to see google music in aus soon.
Could you please add a sci-fi to categories in google movies,
Whoo Hoo, that hint from the beginning of the week turned out much faster than I expected....
So does that mean Australia is the first territory outside the Americas to have Movies?
Now we just need the new media players to negotiate a better price for content, ever thought of buying someone like Village Roadshow to shake up the market.
Next, Google Music.

Do we have min specs?
File Size/Quality/Recommended Internet speed
cool, waiting for music... wow Snowtown, strong movie :S, unbelievable it was a true story.
Ok went on google play and no movie after searching for it??
Ketobbey I couldnt find any movies on google play only books. Anyway I need a better phone to have the movie app.
Can I watch these movies if I don't have an android device (in the web on a desktop, or in iOS)?
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