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Google Play Music All Access comes to Australia and New Zealand

All Access, a new music subscription service from Google Play, has arrived in Australia and New Zealand. All Access helps you to discover great new music as well as listen to up to 20,000 songs from your existing music collection stored on Google Play. Grab your headphones and start listening, on your Android device or computer.

Find out more at our blog:
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Any free period for us Aussies? ;-) 

Amazing timing by the way! 

PS. G+ Enhancement request, Plus a Billion button! ;-)
How do u get songs it just keeps taking me from app to play store
Awesome.. so I guess we must really be the 51st state then based on Google Play services availability these days!

Mixed feelings :/  - lol!
Can confirm I also got a month's free trial upon signing up. Keen to see how it goes!

Request - add in the option to create a playlist based upon genre. At the moment it can only happen through artist, album or song. Would be great to be to set 'Soft R&B' and have it populate from there.
+ben hill No it's not...quite clearly says Australia and New Zealand, and there are posters here (myself included) who have confirmed that.
Signed up and dropped Spotify. This is great news :)
Great timing, especially since Vodafone just released their 4G service last week lol
How do you sign up. It just takes me to the app. As there has been no update or anything
Yeah not working. Did any one get a update.
I get the link in app store.
With description about the service, then leading me to the app.. where there is no changes. Hopefully they release a update
Still doesn't work in aus 
I'm listening to it right now.
So once I activate via desktop will a new tab appear on my play music app
And cheers for the help guys 
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