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Surfies, students, sweethearts, lend me your ears: Celebrating Shakespeare's 450th birthday
You're invited to a join us for a week-long celebration of Shakespeare's most beloved works and characters.

We'll be partnering with Bell Shakespeare for six live and interactive events hosted from +Bell Shakespeare's Google+ page.
Here are the events you can get involved with:
23rd April: Shakespeare's Birthday Bash
28th April: In Conversations with John Bell and Peter Evans 
29th April: Hamlet Acting Workshop: 'To thine own self be true'
30th April: International guest Lily Cole with John Bell
1st May: Hangout in History: Elizabethan England 
2nd May: Take the stage: Star in Romeo and Juliet

You can find out more at Bell Shakespeare's website ( and RSVP to join in the fun at +Bell Shakespeare's Google+ page.  

You can also find out more at our Google Australia blog:

Whether you're an modern day Romeo or an aspiring Hamlet, we hope you'll join us and Bell Shakespeare as we revisit the bard's greatest moments. 
We are thrilled to partner with +Google Australia to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday in an exciting week of festivities, starting 23 April 2014. Watch our video and click through to our website to find out how you can be involved.

Visit to find out more.
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Lucinda Raikes as Juliet in the 1990 open air Combined Actors of Cambridge production of Romeo and Juliet, Peterhouse Gardens, Cambrige was simply the tops!
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Project Loon - 500,000 Kilometres in Flight
One of our balloons has had quite a journey over the past few weeks. It did a lap around the world in 22 days, and has just clocked the project’s 500,000th kilometer as it begins its second lap. It enjoyed a few loop-de-loops over the Pacific ocean before heading east on the winds toward Chile and Argentina, and then made its way back around near Australia and New Zealand. Along the way, it caught a ride on the Roaring Forties — strong west-to-east winds in the southern hemisphere that act like an autobahn in the sky, where our balloons can quickly zoom over oceans to get to where people actually need them.

Traversing the stratosphere is particularly challenging this time of year because the winds actually change direction as the southern hemisphere moves from warmer to colder weather, resulting in divergent wind paths that are hard to predict. Since last June, we’ve been using the wind data we’ve collected during flights to refine our prediction models and are now able to forecast balloon trajectories twice as far in advance. In addition, the pump that moves air in or out of the balloon has become three times more efficient, making it possible to change altitudes more rapidly to quickly catch winds going in different directions. There were times, for example, when this balloon could have been pulled into the polar vortex – large, powerful wind currents that whip around in a circle near the stratosphere in the polar region – but these improvements enabled us to maneuver around it and stay on course. We can spend hours and hours running computer simulations, but nothing teaches us as much as actually sending the balloons up into the stratosphere during all four seasons of the year.

Take a look through our photo album to see some of the specific improvements that have been made to the balloon technology, thanks to the lessons we’ve learned in flight.
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I would love to know the cost and logistics of this project. 
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Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps. 

To catch 'em all, grab your Poké Ball and the newest version of Google Maps for iPhone or Android. Then tap the search bar, "press start," and begin your quest.

And, follow Google Maps on Google+, Facebook or Twitter for hints and tips for the most dedicated trainers. 
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Google Australia

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Mapathon Australia
Theme of the week - DIY & Home Improvement

Know where to find the best vintage lamp? Let people in on your go-to spots for home improvement, decor, & furniture.

Enter the Mapathon competition today ( and find out more at our blog about how you can win prizes for adding your favourite places to Google Maps (
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I keep missing the milestones because of the refresh times between adding edits and getting the points, does anyone know where to find a list of all of the milestones?
They don't mean much but I'm missing out on those little googly flavored  smiles.
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National Digital Technology curriculum course starts today

Last year we announced a partnership with the University of Adelaide to develop a free open online course to help primary school teachers across Australia bring computer science and computational thinking (a set of problem-solving skills and techniques that software engineers use) into their classrooms. Classes for this new course begin this week.

Running over 8-10 weeks, the modules will provide foundational knowledge for all teachers, as well as examples of ways to teach concepts of computational thinking and computer science, and example learning activities for the Digital Technologies section of the new national curriculum.

Register today and find out more here:
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Awesome Australia!
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Google Play Music now available on Sonos
Sometimes music is meant to be listened to on your headphones. But other times, it’s meant to be heard in HiFi sound in every room of your house. Today, we’re launching a new feature that lets you play music directly to any Sonos speakers from within the Google Play Music app on your Android phone or tablet.

If you have +Sonos, all you need to do is download the latest Sonos Controller app ( Make sure your phone or tablet is on the same wireless network as your Sonos. A cast icon will appear in the upper right corner of the Google Play Music app ( Simply tap it and select the Sonos speaker where you want to play your music. Voila! Perfect sound in any room of your house.

You can build a playlist, create a radio station from any song, and add, reorder or delete songs straight from Google Play Music. Also, if you prefer to use the Sonos Controller app, Google Play Music is now also offered as a service there.

Find out how to amplify your music with Google Play and Sonos:
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Our next Google Sudo for Entrepreneurs: Thursday 10 April 6:00pm

Meet the founders of the financial tech startup Pocketbook. Bosco Tan and Alvin Singh will talk about their backgrounds, how the company has grown, and all their plans for the future. If you're an entrepreneur (or an aspiring one!), you'll learn about building your team, growing your startup and all the lessons learned along the way.

Sign up now.
Google Sudo - 10 April 2014A Day In the Life of....Pocketbook When Thursday 10 April 6:00pm - 8.30pm Where Google Sydney Level 2, 1 Darling Island Rd (Fairfax Building) Pyrmont 2009 Google's use of this data is governed by our privacy policy found at
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Another fantastic  #Sudo  event featuring an inspiring story. Good work +Pocketbook.  And thanks +Google Australia!
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Google Australia

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Mapathon Australia
Theme of the week - Arts & Culture

Like to stay up to date on the latest movies and shows? Give people tips on where to go for the arts & entertainment.

Enter the Mapathon competition today ( and find out more at our blog about how you can win prizes for adding your favourite places to Google Maps (
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Sent from Huawei Mobile
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Three tips to help you Play Your Heart Out this week:

1. You can now keep all your music on Google Play and access it from wherever you are with Google Play Music for Chrome. Enable the “Google Play Music for Chrome” lab at, then simply drag and drop songs into your library. If you have a lot of music in iTunes or want new music to be added automatically, you can do this by clicking “Upload Music” at the top right of

2. Gearing up for the new #GameOfThrones season and want to know more about the actors who bring your favourite schemers, boy kings, and dragon mothers to life? Just hit pause on your favourite scene while watching on mobile or tablet to bring up Info Cards on the actors and music. What will you uncover? 

3.  The final playlist of free EDM tracks from #SwedishHouseMafia’s Steve Angello is up on Google Play. Get all 100 tracks free, and keep the party going into the next #DECADE.
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Good night thank you
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Google Australia

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Free Song of the Week - Thumpers "Sound of Screams"

Tribal drums and sing-song chants elevate this bounding synthpop nursery rhyme from lifelong friends and London lads Thumpers. Get the track for free and check out the album on Google Play:
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En Australie ob est si leger....
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News from Google down under
The official Google+ page for Google in Australia.

Add us to your circles to get an eclectic mix of Google news announcements, Google happenings and events in Australia, and anything else we find interesting from the world of technology and the web.