Tip of the Week: Get the Full Referral Path
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

I like the All Traffic report on Google Analytics, it gives a glimpse into who is bringing customers into the website and how valuable those customers are. But sometimes I like to see not only the website, but also the specific page where my website was featured.

To do that click on the Acquisition tab and then on  All Referrals. Find the website you would like to learn more about and click on it. Below is an example of how the report looks like.

Happy Analyzing!
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403 of visitors only 40% are not in Bounce Rate... It's Good?
Excellent tip!! I have been looking for this for a while :)
this is not the "full" referral, but simply the page referring visits. True full referral would keep also page parameters :)
Awesome. This kind of exercise really make use of my just learnt knowledge on the fundamental.
+Marco Cilia This is an excellent point, and something to keep front-of-mind if you're diagnosing tagging/analytics errors. On that point, this is another reason why it's always useful to keep an unfiltered, master View that doesn't exclude any URL parameters.
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