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Find out what's next for Analytics in our #GASummit2014  post.

As they have for years, Google Analytics Certified Partners, Premium customers and developers will once again join us in the Bay Area for our annual summit this week.

We wanted to share an overview of some of the tools and features we’ll discuss at the 2014 summit so that even if you aren’t able to attend, you can about hear what’s next. Learn more here:
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during my job of photographer and graphic designer I discovered a gap on the market and got an interesting idea about improving functions of your browser. It is a project at primal phase. However, I think that your browser would be about another function more attractive and in global scale it could be a very succesful project. I have done a survey of market on a social site and at least in our small country there would be a huge interest about a new service.
I ask you for handing over this email to a person from your team, who is in charge at development functions of your browser and I will hand him over all details about my idea for appraisal.

Best regards

Aleš Velich
Okrouhlička 39
582 53 Štoky
Česká republika
email :
Aleš, with all due respect, this is not a great way to get the details you are looking for. Do you think that the engineering team behind the Chrome browser, the most popular browser in the world, are sifting through replies to Google Analytics summit notifications? 

If your idea is that great, I'd at the very least start on the Chrome user forum.  

If I was looking for someone to do photographic or graphic design work, do you think I'd be looking on
Hi, will there be the possibility of a streaming for those who cannot go?
Wondering the same thing as Ariele Mancini, would love the option to watch it live online. Also excited for the new training :)
I received the following email - WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ABOUT PLEASE???

Dear Google Analytics User,

A Google Analytics account you have access to has been identified as tracking a site owned or operated by Google, Inc.

For security reasons, we require that such accounts be accessed by corporate email addresses. Please ensure that all users on your Google Analytics accounts use email addresses. This can be done by adding new users with a email address to your Analytics account, and by removing non corporate email adderesses.

On the 17th of June, 2014 we will be enforcing this policy. As a result, all non-Google logins will be unable to access the account listed below.

ANALYTICS ACCOUNT NUMBER: ______ (I've omitted this info)

If you feel this judgement has been made in error and the site is not a Google owned or operated site/app, please use the following form to let us know.

Thank you,

The Google Analytics team


I am not filling out any forms since it doesn't feel right to give info out. Please can you have someone contact me and advise what on earth this is as I don't think I have accessed anything.

Is this for real???

Thank you.
+Marian Lydon Are you tracking any Google-owned web-sites? That seems like a phishing mail to me, never send your account information or fill in forms, or sign-in using any links from such e-mails. Please make sure that the "form" that mail is talking about is not an attachment file (since it is very unlikely that Google is going to send you an attached form to solve such an issue) OR if that form is a PAGE, check the address bar or the URL to make sure that form is hosted on a REAL Google page, not a fake domain. Also I would recommend you to check the ORIGINAL E-MAIL to see the real e-mail address of the sender so you can somewhat be sure if that mail is coming from Google or not. For that you can check this article out: 

Also you may want to ask this question in GA Forums here:!forum/analytics
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