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GA Nav & Sidebar are getting a clean, sleek refresh.

Some of you may have noticed a shiny new nav and sidebar inside of Analytics. If you're not seeing it yet, you will over the next few weeks. We think this is a simpler and more beautiful way to present your reports, dashboards and will make your analysis easier and faster. See a quick preview below.
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Totally agree. The new navigation is better. You can now scroll the two panes separately, a boon on laptop / tablet screens.
So, is this just a face lift, or will there be major shuffling going about?
+Mike Hart it's basically a face lift, the structure remains the same as before (Acquisition / Behavior / Conversions). You should be right at home in the new interface.
Thanks +Adam Singer. Looking forward to seeing it at work in the near future.
Very Google+ esque. I can't wait to see this update.
Just refreshed and gotten the updated UI. Loves the clean look
Looks more similar to AdSense now, nice. 
Great UI. It's making multiple site management so much easier to work with.
Please Change colour... Old one was much better
Brings it in line with Adwords new design and look.

A much cleaner way to find that the keyword was (not provided) - thanks Google! 
I saw it yesterday and thought it was an error, that some style sheet had not loaded! It's jut all gray, without any separations between submenus and yet too much space between them.

I do like the independent scroll and the option to hide the nav, though.
Looks clean and tidy, liking the new interface. There is a change when switching accounts (Now under the dropdown for your account in top right) but overall no difference in functionality.
I don't like it at all and would love an option to use older version
Absolutely beautiful user experience. 
Is it just me, or does it seem to perform with a little more zip now?  I'd suspect they would have optimized the codebase in the process as well.
This upgrade is very cool! And at my end it seems that the loading time is faster, which can be really helpful if you ever have a slow connection... Congrats GA!
Love it - the only issue is the ability to switch between accounts - is really a pain - especially when you are logged into numerous Google accounts - would LOVE if you could bring back to the front this ability to search.
I think I prefer the old colours slightly. Although I'll trade them in for being able to minimise the nav bar.
Takes a bit of getting used to finding the profiles in the top right corner, but I'm sure I'll get used to it in a day or two.
Kind of the same issue, are there any plans to collapse the profiles in the window, saves all the scrolling for users with multiple profiles
I disagree, it is more difficult to navigate between Accounts (URL's). The various accounts used to be accessible from the top left, now they are buried in the bottom.  There should be a dropdown at the top to quickly find the account you're looking for...
Moving account selection from left to right will require some getting used to.

Also selected account name is quite small so not easy to notice where you are.
+Google Analytics any reason for a 90 day limit whilst setting date ranges? Hopefully not a sign of things to come.
I like the layout, but iny opinion there isn't enough contrast in the nav bar color.
How does changing link colour = "easier and faster" to use?! It may now match other google products but frequent redesigns confuse users and make what should be simple tasks slower.
Please Google Team, more colors on. The new layouts is boring.
The new design is great, but this is stupid. I have 10 analytics accounts that I have to scroll past, and my scrollable view is just 2 lines high because of my many google accounts (5 or so). Whoever decided to combine accounts and views like this needs to reconsider. When I'm in analytics, I need focus on my analytics, NOT on my google accounts.
Have to agree with a lot of the comment:
The good: left nav hiding option, separate scrolling, cleaner look
The bad: contrast in menu's (left + GA account picker) is too low hurting usability, need a compact option like gmail (remove all the useless white space)
The ugly: mixing G+ and Analytics account (righthand picker becomes unmanageable once you have 20+ G+, GA account, properties and/or sites.  Only option is to fall back to the home option, which is a pity.
Live traffic page of new design get stuck(Pause) again and again.
People in Twitter are also having issues loading the reports since Feb 20th on certain non-chrome browsers
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