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Improved Real-time Geolocation

We're constantly working to improve real-time analytics to help businesses understand how users interact with their sites. We've heard you loud and clear — you feel limited by geo-locations only on planet earth.

That's why we're excited to announce that we're expanding geolocation support beyond our atmosphere to the International Space Station. This is also a great follow-up to last year's Interplanetary Reports:

GA Real-time: now with expanded geolocation support! Log in to your real-time dashboard to check this out soon, it's available only for a limited time.
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Lol this one actually threw the me off this morning... Well played Google, well played :-) 
Aaaah! So that's why... I guess Happy April Fool's Day :)
Very funny, Good to see Google injecting a little humour back into the world. Nice work team. A +1 from me.
While this is entertaining; I wish I could turn this off. In the future can you keep these little 'surprises' to a one-and-done type of thing so it doesn't get in my way all day?
You should make the difference between fun and not fun.
I.E. a hacker attack to all google servers is not fun even on 1st April.
And BTW....its 2 April here more than one hour ago :P
if you leave the Earth is not geolocation! Geo = Earth.
And you thought IPv4 geoloc was messy... :-)
I am extremely pleased that this application has been extended in our solar system. In this way, we will know what kind of devices use aliens: desktop, tablet or mobile.
One thing I do not understand: why 41?
Reminds me of that talk at GACP Summit by +vint cerf about expanding IP communications beyond Earth
The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything from the supercomputer, Deep Thought, is 42.

Perhaps 41 visitors plus yourself is 42!
Staci: you're a bit off topic here. If you can't find "tracking info", chances are you may not have admin rights to your Google Analytics account and as such cannot access that section of the admin. Ask someone with admin rights.
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