Introducing flexible auto-tagging override for GA-AdWords linking  #analytics   #adwords   #measure  

Today, we’re making auto-tagging override flexible, to give advertisers greater control over UTM values for Adwords click data in Analytics. 

Over the next few weeks, we’re enhancing this feature to allow advertisers to use auto-tagging to automatically import Adwords data into Analytics, but use UTM values in the destination URL, when present. 

This means that advertisers can customize Campaign, Content and Keyword dimension values using UTM values and still see these AdWords clicks data in the Analytics AdWords reports. Note that for clicks to appear in the Analytics AdWords reports, they must have a source/medium of google/cpc. This means that if you manually change either source or medium, Analytics will use the manually provided values, but the clicks will not show up in the AdWords reports in GA.

To learn more, check out the Analytics Help Center.
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