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Infographics: think critically before you make one

Infographics can be a useful, entertaining and quick way to deliver information and make a point. But don't just make one to make one, especially in a world where everyone is churning them out. Really think through what you're doing -- and check out +Ian Lurie's post on making better graphics.
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It is the message that matters, not the media.
But the medium used can assist in comprehension, of completely hide a message by focusing on another.
+Will Knott, thanks for completing! Apparently I wrote my words halfly to myself. I've seen infograhps praised and used. All right, they must be good, let's make one! Maybe I wouldn't have paid enough attention to those points mentioned in the article.
Would you want to set up a site to help
+Seppo Alaruikka Sometimes its just because you want to make one...(I have game market data I want to play with, to see what I can make), and sometimes its to actually see edge connections that you might have missed (e.g. Friends of Friends, or multiple meetings a minster has with company reps/owners just before a legal change which benefits that company.
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