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Google Analytics Access Controls is now @ 100%!

Earlier this year, we announced that enhanced user-access control lists were coming to Google Analytics. Analytics users have long been requesting more fine-grained control over access to various parts of their accounts. We listened, and we're excited to share this critical feature is now available for everyone!

See tips & best practices for using Access Controls from our Analytics Evangelist +Justin Cutroni here:

Also, learn more about Access Controls in our Help Center at:
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Thank you Google, this should be very interesting. Kind of reminds me of sharing the click results from Goo.GL. 
The only feature you are still missing is the ability to remove yourself from another Analytics account that you no longer want to be associated with. My old company gave me access and then they went out of business and now I'm stuck with their analytics for a site that doesn't even exist!!!
It would be great if is it possible to give edit permission to an agency in order to let them link their adwords account with a single property rather than have them administrators of the whole account, as it is now. Is it the case now? 
Can you please add a name field to the admin screen , just having emails make it hard to understand who has access. We have 100+ emails and I can only identify 1/2 of them by email
+Joel Nagy - this is a feature we want to build; I can't promise timelines, but know this is on our to-do list. +Antonio Negrini - good suggestion; this is another area we aim to improve in the future.  +Christopher Johnson - also a common request that we definitely have on our todo list as well. Yes, we have a large todo list :), but appreciated feedback and we will improve this functionality over time.
This was a topic of discussion just yesterday at work. Crazy how things all link together. :)
why pic.twitter? why not 
Google Analytics: we are all waiting for a feature to remove ourselfs from profiles were we only have read-only access, plz!
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