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We're launching Real-Time Events & Conversions Reports out of Beta.

Real-Time reporting lets you test changes to your site, create dashboards to monitor your traffic and goals, make rapid decisions about what content to promote today and more.

Based on your feedback, we’ve refined these reports to make them even more valuable:  you’ll soon see them in App profiles, and we’ve also added dedicated metrics for Unique Visitors.  

Find out more at:
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I sent an email out to 400 people today telling them to check out
I'm looking at the analytics through Blogspot, it looks like 190 people have checked it out so far! :) 
I pay for and have it redirect to because blogspot has the built in Adsense advertisements with 60% of the ad money going to the content creator. I use money from Adsense ads on my blogspot and my YouTube to help pay for t-shirts that say "marijuana is safer than alcohol" that I give away for free. 
Great! Appreciate all the hard work that goes into evolving GA and offering it for free - thanks! 
I still have so much to learn about Analytics lol
wonderful. everything is in on time, easy to make quick decisions 
Been using beta for a while. Can't wait to see the improvements. 
I shall be glad to be part of it.
I would like to take part too. We don't have to wait for a month this time. it more for advertisers than publishers?
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