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This is simply amazing. Watch the video below to see why.
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obviously caffeine is the reason why i drink coffee no surprise here
Our team also tracked other offline interactions and actually tied these (and coffee) to online productivity because we are also tracking our support ticket system and even our time logging into Google Analytics. That raises a good question... are our tea drinking team members less (or more) productive?
Too geeky for me... or needs more quick graphics to handle my ADHD... ;-)
And I thought my posts were nerdy. Wow.
Absolutely amazing +Benjamin Mangold! Really interesting way to show Universal Analytics capabilities, I think most (if not all) people can relate to drinking coffee and beverages...
I have not researched the Arduino until now, with my focus primarily on the Raspberry Pi. Apparently, the Arduino has much better potential for sensors, with additional serial ports.
Congrats to the Loves Data for putting this together!
Can you give some more detail on the hardware used?Looks like you've got a shield and some RFID modules. What are they are where did you get them?
+Benjamin Mangold are you able to share more details on how you put this together? Can you share your arduino and python scripts?
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