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Tip of the Week: Prioritize Website Performance Improvements
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

Website Performance is extremely important for your visitors, no one likes to visit a slow website. With that in mind, Google created tools to help webmasters create faster experiences for their visitors (find them at

But how to prioritize your efforts? Well, you can use Google Analytics! To do so, visit and you will find the image below. This report offers a list of the most visited pages on the website and their Average Page Load Time as compared to the website average. In this example, it is very clear that there is one sub-optimized page that should be improved right away.
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I love Google's web site performance tools to death. On my site almost all the Google scripts violate the rules - Doh!
It's either Google Custom Search things or Disqus things which are responsible for violation :-). Hardly the things I can control
Anyone know someone that they trust to help with Google Search Results in the Automotive Industry. Our old SEO Provider Killed us. Thank you
Hello Mr. +Jacob Laue . Myself Poushali Sikdar and we are from the Valoriser Consultant which is one of the big SEO Industry in India. If you want to get your site in the top search results of Google, you can reply me back. We have proven track record of some successful SEO Projects.
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