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Have you ever used the date comparison feature in the Goal Flow Report? It's useful, and easy.

Check out this brief video which shows:

-How to use the date comparison feature in the Goal Flow Report,
-How differences in how traffic moves through your Goals and Funnels over time.
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Very useful! I didn't know about this, thanks!
It's a very useful feature, but please improve this feature so users can export this data in an aggregated form.
+Michael Mulcahy: Thanks for your comment. Google Analytics users are at varying levels of sophistication: from newbie to advanced. We aim to share content that helps everyone. So even if it's not entirely new to you, it may help someone else. 
+Google Analytics   I have used this method and it does work well. When we can identify where we are losing traffic That is a useful feature of course. I have seen this before and assumed it was a new development, that's all my comment referred too. Sorry if you misunderstood my comment.
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