Improvements to the property deletion experience in GA.

Google Analytics strives to be a platform for data collection and analysis. At the same time, we recognize our role in data stewardship and the importance of data protection and deletion. As such, we’ve recently launched some improvements to the granularity and consistency of data deletion within Analytics.

Google Analytics collects and stores data in properties. An account can have multiple properties and a property can have multiple views (which allow for transformation of the data through filters). For quite some time, we’ve allowed users to delete accounts and views . However, users did not have the ability to directly delete individual properties. 

When you delete a property, all the views underneath that property will be deleted with it. This new feature follows our standard data deletion practices.

In addition to being able to choose which properties are deleted, it’s now possible to see properties that have no views in the UI; no more accidental deletions or missing properties. We call special attention to this in some places so you know if an account has zero properties or a property has zero views and you can delete them if you so choose.

We’re excited to bring this additional flexibility and consistency to our users, which is the first in a series of improvements to managing deletions in Google Analytics!

Posted by Chris Cahill and Michael Masukawa on behalf of the Analytics team
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