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Check out +Analytics Canvas to create cool, custom dashboards.

GA power user +Annie Cushing created the below dashboard using Analytics Canvas. AC can handle large data sets, upload cost data, plus take advantage of all of your Google Analytics data in a powerful, automation ready platform for analysis, reporting and campaign cost tracking. Learn more at:

And remember you can always build Custom Dashboards to suit your needs right in Analytics. Get started today at: Or if you're already fluent in using Dashboards check out the Solutions Gallery where the Dashboard you need may have already been built: (and available via 1-click).
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Thanks for sharing this! I <3 making data sexy. :)
Thanks, Daniel. :)

Jake, this client needed to wed their GA data with data in their Google Spreadsheets. Tableau doesn't offer that. None of the dashboard tools out there do.
Great data, nice layout. Thanks for sharing
Thanks for Sharing! And thanks +Annie Cushing  for showing what AC can do! Looking forward to seeing the next one :-)
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