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Data at your fingertips - Announcing the Google Analytics app for iOS

At Google, we want to build tools that help you stay connected no matter where you are. Whether you’re in the boardroom, at a live event, or even a day at the beach: having access to Analytics at your fingertips is important. That’s why we previously launched an Android app for Google Analytics ( that we’re excited has been downloaded by more than 1 million users to date. We’ve been listening to your feedback and hear you loud and clear: you want an iPhone version too. So we are pleased to announce the launch of a Google Analytics app for iOS. 

Visit iTunes App Store  to download and install the app to keep up with your data anytime, anywhere:

With the Google Analytics App for iOS, you can access the same accounts and profiles you see when you open Analytics from a desktop browser, but you’ll also see reports that are optimized for your phone. Just like the Android app, the iOS app has some neat features, including:

-A completely redesigned, mobile-optimized look and feel
-Side navigation that mirrors Google Analytics on the web for quick access to reports
-Specialized reporting for web and app views (profiles)
-An Overview screen summarizing key metrics from each report 
-Deeper analysis via dimension-based drill down in most reports
-Better Real-Time reporting
-Advanced Segments to further analyze your data

Happy Analyzing (on-the-go!).
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Whao that is good!
Wow.. with this pace of advancement in technology, we won't have any difference in android and ios
Andru Y
Horay! Waited it for a long time!
This is definitely a great news for data obsessed analytical marketers like us!!!!
Thanks +Google Analytics for making GA finally available on iOS.
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Just checked it out, can already tell it's better than any other GA app I've tried. Nice on the eyes and mind, and no jank. As usual is free... Nice work!
Finally! Can dispense with finicky 3rd-party paid apps of limited metric utility!
Oh good, 'cause the GA site is almost unusable on the iphone, always crashing and tricky to zoom and manipulate.
good info here.  Thanks for sharing!
This is a great app with very detailed up to date info that I've been using. Unfortunately it is also addictive. I can't stop checking obsessively on my phone
Might be missing the obvious. But can you access your dashboard on the app? Can't seem to find it. 
Yup, great app. Definitely addictive as noted above!
Bad point: the design of this app is only for iphone, not adaptable for ipad.
Why ignore the iPad ? Other than that, great !
Great! It was time! I will come back with my feedback.  Thanks for sharing
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This has made my day, been waiting for it for ages!!! On first glance it's everything I thought it could be!!! Thanks ;0)
Just tried it, love, love it! Thanks!
Amazing idea ..what about the all versions or the specific one of IOS ?
Amazing APP, long a waited, so happy to use it.
Good morning everyone


It's not working on my 4S. Logged in, selected the account and property but it shows an empty Overview page.
Good News !! Now we can see data on the go!!
Well worth the wait. Looks great and works well. Better than the alternatives out there. Thanks +Google Analytics !
I can now analyze while having coffee after my gym workout!
Can we  get this app for my Windows phone. Really need this. 
Sucks this hasn't been optimised for iPad. It's great being able to check stats on the phone but come on, the iPad is such a good fit for graphs and more data... hope it's in the pipes!
What about if I have multiple websites? I can't even see which website analytics I am receiving on the AP? Which ones are being pulled? There is no reference to the name of the website...
+Marta Skky good point raised. Though we can choose which website's data we want to pull but it should also show websites' name at the top on interface.
Will there be one for the Windows store? More and more of us are switching to the Windows Surface Pro 3, a great device!!
Since upgrading to iOS 8 the ecommerce reporting hasn't worked. 😕
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