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Remarketing is getting better w/ a UI refresh & list importing

Last year, we released a new, more powerful version of segmentation, supporting more robust user-centric analysis. Now you can achieve the full power of this enhanced segmentation in Remarketing with Google Analytics.

With this overhaul (which is rolling out over the next two weeks), you can more easily create Remarketing lists based on origin, demographics, and behavior to re-engage with your audiences like never before.

Learn more in today's post at:
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Now how about allowing advertisers to create lists from one single place in AdWords instead of having to jump around between different tracking platforms?
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I haven't used this yet, but have used some of the other new features and is interesting to see some of the new information you can firnd out about your visitors.
I'm so new to Google+ as a user.  I've had an account for a couple of years.  So happy to see things are more user friendly.  I'm open to any tips. 
Yeah, Google Analytics (and all their various tools, in general) can be confusing at first, but they're really incredibly powerful. I'm happy to see that they keep breaking ground in an effort to help people use their products. I guess that is their business model, after all!
Will this functionality be supported by universal analytics?
Pretty new with the term; is that similar to ad retargeting?
Many people wondering if this feature will work with Universal Analytics.  Any answer from the GA team?
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