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Tip of the Week: Find bottlenecks with Behavior Flow
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

Knowing where your users are struggling is an important part of website optimization, and in order to do that it is essential to be able to segment the visitor flows in different ways.

As you can see below, that's exactly what you can do with the Behavior Flow report. Here is how:

0.  Find the Behavior Flow report at (direct link to your Google Analytics account)
1. Choose which dimension you want to segment by.
2. Look at specific paths by highlighting them (click on #2 as shown in the screenshot below).
3. Analyze specific steps in the flow by mousing over them.

Happy Analyzing!
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I find the behaviour flow quite difficult to use, all it ever really seems to show is users moving back and forth from one page to another (this is having tired to use it across numerous accounts for different clients). Do you guys have any specific examples of how to identify bottlenecks? 
I have to agree with +Rory Natkiel, the flow is visually interesting to look at but I really find behaviour analysis of each page a more effective means of determining where site visitors are struggling.
Saya sudah membuat akun google analytic nya tapi masih bingung cara mengelolanya
My advice to avoid bottlenecks is to have a very useful sidebar menu with clear buttons to direct visitors to the possible pages they could be interested in relation to where they are now. 
On my responsive mobile theme, mobile visitors don't see the sidebar or the footer, so I put a short menu of likely options at the bottom of each page. After scrolling through a long article, who wants people to scroll back up to the navigation bar? 
Is there a way to see the distribution in "Other" tab in this view?
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