Tip of the week: Exclude internal traffic from your data
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

When you analyze your data, you are probably trying to understand how your customers behave and how to provide them with a better experience. However, your employees often visit your website too, for many reasons, and that might be affecting the accuracy of your data.

In order to remove internal traffic from your data, we recommend adding a filter excluding internal traffic based on your IP Address. Here is how to do it: goo.gl/VRWCW2

However, your company might not have static IP addresses, or employees work from home, or you also want to remove the traffic from 3rd party agencies working for you. If that is the case, you will have to use your creativity... here is one (advanced) technique described by +Simo Ahava explaining how to do it using Google Tag Manager: goo.gl/h7M1lo
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