Tip of the Week: Be more effective with Custom Reports
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

Custom Reports are a great way to tweak Google Analytics to answer your own questions by defining reports that show only what interests you. To create a new report you can either click on the Customize button at the top of any report, or you can visit goo.gl/6rijGP and create a new report from a blank slate.

You can also organize your reports into folders so that they are easier to find (use link above and click on + New Category button). And if you run out of ideas, make sure to visit our solutions gallery and download one of our top custom reports: goo.gl/R9axPZ

To learn more about Custom Reports visit goo.gl/lX3L1T
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Hum, in this example, you mixed the page dimension with session metric. This is a no-no. Use Unique pageview instead.
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