Tip of the Week: create an alert to monitor error pages (404)
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

There is probably nothing more frustrating on the web than browsing a website and getting a 404 page. There are many techniques to reduce the pain by creating funny and creative 404 pages; but the best technique is still to avoid serving them to users.

In order to make sure you will be the first to know when a link is broken, you can create an alert on Google Analytics to tell you when 404s raise above a certain threshold. Here is how:

1. Login to Google Analytics
2. Click on "Admin" on the top-left navigation (orange bar)
3. Click on the profile you want to create the alert
4. Create a Goal using the 404 URL
5. Click on "Custom Alerts" and create a new alert
6. See image attached
7. Happy analyzing!

To learn more about Custom Alerts check our help center article goo.gl/no0MD7 and to learn how to set a goal visit goo.gl/gfT1Y
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