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Have you ever wondered what a perfect Google Analytics dashboard might look like?

That’s of course subjective. But the team at +Portent thinks it should:

-Inform on business health quickly
-Make time comparison easy
-Encourage deeper investigation

What do you think makes up the perfect dashboard?
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I'd like to see my "perfect" dashboard in a place I visit more frequently. Perhaps schedule daily private posts to Google+?
I am signed up for the Google Analytics and I put in the URL's from my social media pages into GA and I can't find the social media analytics tracking option, I only see the regular traffic to my site, so how do I access/view my social media analytics on GA?
could i use analytic data on my site ?
One which uses histograms or percentiles instead of averages to avoid misrepresenting data.

Better stacked graphs for viewing relative shifts over time - even something as simple as region or browser over time requires either custom segments or manually processing data
K, thanks, now how do I actually connect my social media pages to this GA Social Media Dashboard?
This is great and really helpful, thanx
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