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Analytics & AdWords bulk account linking has arrived.

To maximize marketing investment and return, advertisers need insights into the effectiveness of their ads. However, gaining such insights is often overly cumbersome.

This is why we’re pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, the Google Analytics and AdWords account linking process is becoming even more streamlined, making it easier for advertisers to quickly gain rich insights. The new linking process allows you to link multiple AdWords accounts all at once. This enables more tightly controlled linking access for each Google Analytics property. 

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good news! it was definitely an issue when managing multiple properties from a single account in Analytics, and having to link to Adwords for just one property.
Yeah, sounds really interesting.
Been waiting for this.
Knpha gue sllu susAh cari ewe
At last!  This will solve a lot of problems!
Well done now two other things to make us happy:
1) Unsampled report (yes we got Analytics professional) 
2) Personalized formulas to create a really personalized composite metrics with no hassle 
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