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Catch up on our sessions from the GDC

Didn't get a chance to go to the Game Developers Conference this year? No worries - we've recorded all of the Google Analytics sessions. Watch here to learn more about using content experiments for mobile and other ideas on improving your apps:
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Google Analytics

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Improve your data quality with Diagnostics

Analytics data can fuel powerful actions like improving websites, streamlining mobile apps, and optimizing marketing investment. To realize this power, you must configure Analytics well and ensure high quality data. For these reasons, we’re starting a beta test on Analytics Diagnostics that are aimed at finding data-quality issues, making you aware of them, and helping you fix them.

You can learn more about Diagnostics in our post here: ...and if you're ready to give them a try, sign up to potentially be a beta tester here:
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Great stuff.  Looking forward to trying it
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Education Spotlight: Find your way around reports using the Interface Map 

Have you ever looked for a reporting tool, but couldn't find it right away? 

Next time, use the Interface Map in the help center to help find tools faster:
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Yes, All are human and human does make mistakes. I have just notified them so that they can correct. :-)
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Google Analytics

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Call Extensions in AdWords rock. Find out more about them from our Certified Partner +LunaMetrics.
#Google #AdWords Call Extensions – How, Why and When:
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Nice pic
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Making Remarketing Better & Easier: Introducing Smart Lists in Analytics

While many marketers love the 100s of dimensions they can use to create Remarketing lists in Google Analytics, others have told us that the sheer number of possibilities can be overwhelming.

So to simplify the product while still ensuring great results for our users, we’re proud to announce a new type of Remarketing list: one that’s managed automatically. Now when creating a new Remarketing list, you’ll have the option to have Analytics manage your list for you.

Learn more about this new feature in today's post:
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Understanding User Behavior in a Multi-Device World

In this constantly connected world, users can interact with your business across many digital touchpoints: websites, mobile apps, web apps, and other digital devices. So to help you understand what users do in the increasingly diverse digital landscape, we’re enabling you to view web and app data from the same reporting view. This will be rolling out to all accounts over the next week.

Analyze app and web data in the same reporting view
Any data you send to the same property appears in all of the reporting views, regardless of how you collected that data. This means that if you send data from the web or from a mobile app to one property, both data sets appear in your reports. 

If you want to isolate data from one source, like if you only want to see web data in your reports, you can set up a filter to customize what you see. You can also use other tools to isolate each data set, including customizations in standard reports, dashboards, custom reports, and secondary dimensions. 

Measure web apps
We’ve also added some new app-specific fields to the analytics.js JavaScript web collection library, including screen name, app name, app version, and exception tracking. These changes allow the JavaScript tracking code to take advantage of the app tracking framework, so you can more accurately collect data on your web apps.

How these changes affect you
This product change can affect you in different ways, based on how your account is set up and what kind of data you collect and send to Google Analytics. 

The Visitors web metric and Active Users app metric are now unified under the same name, Users. And, Visits are now referred to as Sessions everywhere in all of Google Analytics. We’ll be making these changes starting today, and rolling them out incrementally over the next week. 

If you collect and send both web and app hits to one property in your Google Analytics account, all your hits will appear in all your reporting views starting today. If you want to keep your web and app data separate, you need to add a filter to your reporting views. 

If you don’t send web and app data to the same property in your account, your data stays the same. 

Everyone, however,  will see the unified metric, dimension, and segment names in their reports.  

Until today, some metrics and dimensions used different names in app views and in web views, even though they presented the exact same data. Now, all metric, dimensions, and segment names are the same, regardless if they’re used for web or app data. This gives you a clear and consistent way to analyze and refer to all of your Google Analytics data. 

Our developer site has more information on these changes:

Read the full list of dimension and metric names:
App / Screen Tracking developer guide:
Exception Tracking developer guide:

Posted by +Nick Mihailovski, Product Manager
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New user- and sequence-based segments in the Core Reporting API

We've recently added user- and sequence-based segments in the Core Reporting API. Segmentation allows you to make better marketing decisions. Using segmentation, you can uncover new insights such as: how loyalty impacts content consumption, how search terms vary by region, and how conversion rates differ across demographics. Learn more about the changes here: and get started with our developer guide here:
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sounds great
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Good news from +Michael Schipper and our +AdMob  friends below for app marketers and developers. Check it out.
Google Analytics now available to all developers in AdMob

A few weeks ago we announced that we’re bringing the power of Google Analytics to AdMob, making it fully available in the AdMob interface on a new Analyze tab. As of today it is available to all AdMob accounts. 

All of Google Analytics in the Analyze tab
Now you have a single place to get accurate performance data about your app. You’ll also benefit from a new set of features that make measurement the foundation of all your optimization decisions:

- a new Analyze tab with all Google Analytics reports
- a drop down menu to switch between reports for individual apps 

The new AdMob Home page: the one-stop shop for app monetization, promotion and analytics
Now that Google Analytics is built directly into AdMob, you can have a holistic view on your monetization, based not only on revenue from ads but also on in-app purchase performance. All these functionalities have been incorporated into the updated Home tab in AdMob, making it a one-stop shop for all your performance reports.

Get started in one click with Google Analytics and AdMob 
1. Log in to AdMob or open a new account. 
2. If you’re already using Google Analytics for your apps, you can link your existing account with AdMob in the Analyze tab. 
3. If you’re not using Google Analytics, you can sign up in the AdMob interface.
Visit the AdMob Help Center to learn more.

Mike Schipper, Product Marketing Manager, AdMob

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Dont know mutch about mobs....
But in real life im always finding the best way,....
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Understanding Cross Device Measurement and the User ID

One of the fundamental new features of Universal Analytics is user-centric measurement. This includes measurement across multiple devices – computers, smart phones, tablets, kiosks, etc. The User ID feature let's you measure the user journey across multiple devices - and even in stores.

Let’s begin our exploration of cross device data with a discussion about how it works from our Analytics Evangelist +Justin Cutroni here:
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I do not see the option under "Tracking info", how can one enable this feature? Has it been fully deployed to all accounts? Thanks
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Google Analytics

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Get inspired to improve your site's user experience with these real life examples.

We still love the "Analytics in Real Life" video series. Have you seen them all yet? Check out the landing page optimization video attached (worth a fresh watch even if you have seen it). We've linked the other 2 for your convenience below as well.

Site search in real life is here:
Online checkout is here:
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Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you're more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

Our Premium offering has all the power and ease you expect from Google Analytics plus extras that help you optimize and get the most from its robust capabilities. All for one full predictable, flat-rate, everything-included annual fee.

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