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Follow us for latest news, tips and trends from the Google Analytics team and friends.
Follow us for latest news, tips and trends from the Google Analytics team and friends.

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How can your organization use data to improve the customer experience? This Harvard Business Review Analytic Services report explores how companies that capture the full customer journey by integrating multiple sources of data are generating up to 8.5X higher shareholder value. Download the whitepaper: https://goo.gl/0csx44 #analytics #measure #optimize

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Test with success — even when you fail. Growth-minded businesses are focusing on a culture where everyone on the team is ready to gather and act on data to improve the customer experience. Join us on March 9th to learn best practices for website testing and optimization. https://goo.gl/jiHEOf #optimize

3 Tips to Make Your Data Work Harder According to PwC research, highly data-driven organizations are 3X more likely than others to report significant improvement in decision making. How do they do it? https://goo.gl/Dwdw4M #measure #data

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Meet the Three Types of People Who Will Launch Your Culture of Growth A culture of growth embraces data, testing, and marketing optimization to improve customer experience daily. Identify these three team members to lead the way: https://goo.gl/o0fvId
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Tracking Very Large Transactions With Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
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"By adjusting the transaction configuration ever so slightly between our chunks, we can send in transactions with greater than 8192 bytes of data and still see them represented in the interface as a single, cohesive unit."

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How Do I Add Firebase Analytics to an App That's Already Using Google Analytics?
#measure #analytics #firebase

"One frequent scenario we encounter with developers is that they like the idea of using Firebase Analytics to track and understand in-app event data, but they've already spent the last several years tweaking and tuning their Google Analytics implementation just they way they like it, and aren't keen to start all over again with a brand new reporting tool."

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Opjeqt Takes Google Optimize for a Test Drive
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"Now that we’ve covered the basics of Google Optimize, Google’s new tool for A/B and multivariate testing, we thought we’d take it out for a test drive to show it in action. So we created an experiment, all the way from the research and hypothesis stages through to the end results."

Using the Customer Voice to Speed Up Decision Making How does an organization streamline its decision-making process? Corrina Proctor, ‎Director of User & Design Research at Lenovo, shares how surveys offer her team critical data without delay. https://goo.gl/KvSM6m #marketing #surveys

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Tracking AMP with Google Analytics

"So you took a leap of faith and adapted your site to support the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) format? This can be quite the constraint at first but it pays off in the longer term because it will make your content both more accessible on mobile devices and more visible in Google search results."

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Gain Actionable Insight With These 5 Google Analytics Tips
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"It’s estimated that 54.6% of websites use Google Analytics. Odds are if you’re reading this, your site has Analytics too. But are you making the most out of all the data you’re being shown? Google Analytics is capable of revealing business critical insights that can help drive your marketing and business investment goals."
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