As part of our mission in Africa to make the internet more relevant and useful,  we’re supporting tech hubs so that they in turn can support developers and start-ups.

+JoziHub, just launched yesterday, is South Africa’s newest tech hub,  joining other tech hubs like +88mph Accelerator (Cape Town) and +iHub (Nairobi). They are the technology leaders in their community and a good home for Google communities like our Google Developer Groups and Google Business Groups. These  are made up of entrepreneurs, developers and tech enthusiasts who use Google tools to innovate and to power their businesses.

Tech hubs like +JoziHub provide a space for developers and the wider tech community to interact directly with companies and training partners like Google. They host a range of events, workshops, and provide co-working space.
For those who can't attend +Google I/O  in person, we're working with our hub partners to bring the event live to you. This way, you can still connect with other talented developers and watch the keynote & other major sessions live. Add your nearest tech hub to your circles on Google+ and you’ll be updated about the Google I/O Extended sessions.
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