Location extensions help people discover local businesses as they use Google.com and Google Maps to find places they love. Starting today, eligible Google Display Network ads will automatically include information like photos, business hours, and your store location, making them more useful to shoppers who are nearby or show interest in your business location. For example, a foodie browsing cooking blogs might see local information for a bakery, making it easy for her to visit your physical store and make a purchase. In fact, early testing has shown that advertisers see an increase in clicks to their business, with 60% of clicks on this extension related to directions or store information.*

You can learn more about locations extensions in the AdWords Help Center: https://goo.gl/60RoQm. If you don’t want to show local information in your display ads, you can disable them here: https://goo.gl/NX3C2k

*Google Data, A/B test comparing clicks in Display campaigns vs. the same campaigns including new Display location extension formats from a randomized sample of Global display ads served and tested for statistical significance at 95% confidence, n=4K, Jan-Feb 2017
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